Spring in Bloom with Chloris

Spring in Bloom with Chloris

"Once I was Chloris, who am now called Flora", the Roman poet Ovid describes in his work, The Metamorphoses, as the Nymph Chloris transforms into the goddess of flowers. Isn't that just the essence of springtime? And well, all of life? Mother Earth sleeps...and then she awakens. The wildflowers are planted...and then they bloom. We are young and naïve...then we are old and wise. Life is a series of transformation and growth, following a cyclical pattern. There are ebbs and flows, familiarity and newness, life and death. When I designed the Chloris gown for The Three Graces collection, Botticelli's painting Primavera infused my inspiration. This shoot planned by Brit Jones Co. reveals and embodies the sweetness of spring, and now is the perfect time to share it with you as the Spring Equinox is upon us! I hope you enjoy this beautiful story of Chloris and her transformation.Choloris Couture Weddding Dress by Claire Pettibone Detail Primavera Flora Chloris and Zephyr: Sandro Botticelli Bride holding wedding bouquet in Chloris by Claire PettiboneDetail of Primavera Artist: Sandro Botticelli
Couture Wedding Dress Chloris Wedding Table Setting Sunstone Winery Wedding Flatlay invitation suite Deatil Chloris Wedding Dress Chloris Wedding Dress Detail of train Wedding Ring in nspiration Flatlay In Greek, Chloris has a relation to youth and vegetation and means yellow-green. It's no coincidence this gown gleams with fluttering organza petal adorned shoulders, a free flowing silhouette, and of course, finely embroidered silver and champagne flowers. This gown has a youthful nature, created for the bride who calls herself a romantic and who longs to frolic in meadows and fields. Along with an appreciation for the intricacies of design, that's my kind of bride! Lined in pearl silk with an open back and luxurious long train, this wedding dress will give you that dramatic walk-down-the-aisle moment, while maintaining the effortless ease and gentleness of blossoming florals. Detail Chloris Wedding Dress bride holding boquet Bride and Groom Kiss Bride and Groom Together Bride and Groom Kissing Bride holding wedding bouquet over head Wedding Floral Arrangement by Solstice Bloom Chloris wedding dress and wedding floral boquet The Goddess Flora: Luca Giordano Andrea Belvedere The Goddess Flora Artists: Luca Giordano | Andrea Belvedere
Wedding Floral Arrangement by Solstice Bloom Speaking of blossoming florals...given the meaning of 'Chloris' you know I'm loving the pops of butter yellow and vibrant green in this bouquet and floral design. Arranged by Solstice Bloom, the shades of blush, indigo, and violet remind me of the depiction of Flora (Chloris) in Luca Giordano and Andrea Belvedere's painting (above). The color violet represents mystery, extravagance, and power, which is fitting for a nymph turned goddess, don't you think? Sunstone Winery Wedding Venue  Wedding Table Display Bride and Groom at Sunstone Winery Floral Arragment and hats on hatstand Flora and Zephyr: Jan Brueghel the Elder | Peter Paul Rubens Flora and Zephyr Artists: Jan Brueghel the Elder | Peter Paul Rubens
Wedding Cake and Wedding Florals Wedding Table Setting Sunstone Winery Wedding Cake and Floral arrangement Grand Sunstone Winery Wedding Venue Chloris Wedding Dress Lace Detail Ah, I do love spring gatherings! Everyone has that "new year" energy, and it really feels like a time to rejoice together and celebrate as we all emerge from the quietness and hibernation of winter. I just love how bright and cheery this whole set-up is! The dusty blue table-scape with vibrant blooms and the pastel detailed cake by Delaney's Desserts is just divine...it's all so inviting! And how about that train on Chloris shimmering in the sunshine?! Bride and Groom in Roadster Car Bride and Groom Kiss under the sun Cosiddetta Flora Fresco from Villa di Arianna Cosiddetta Flora Fresco from Villa di Arianna
Chloris Flora Sleeve Detail Bride and Groom at Sunstone Winery Wedding Venue Just as Chloris became Flora, you and your partner will inevitably go through transformations and changes together. Going from single to married is just the beginning! But whatever the two of you go through, as long as you support each other through it all, your love will continue to bloom. Happy Spring, everyone!


Dress: Chloris by Claire Pettibone
Planning And Design: @britt.jones.co
Photography: @redamancyphotofilm
Photography: @courtneybowlden
Venue: @sunstonewinery
Florals: @solstice_bloom
Beauty: @veiledvanityartistry
Jewelry: @elizabethbowerofficial
Cake: @delaneydesserts
Bride: @bella_bethoney

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