Meet our Real Brides

Meet our Real Brides

Every time I meet a bride, I hear a new love story and get to know another incredible woman. It's one of the best parts of my job! I spend a lot of time in my own world, designing intricate motifs, draping fabrics and imagining beautiful dresses, and then my clients fall in love with what I've created...I can't really put into words how that feels, but it's a very special connection. I hope you enjoy a peek into my world at just some of the gorgeous brides I've had the pleasure of dressing over the years. Pearle Cheyenne Eloise Maia Beverly Sauvignon Gypsy Rose Ophelia Many people ask, "who is the Claire bride?" and well... she doesn't fit in just one category. Like the photos above, my brides are fashion forward, love playing with color, they're adventurous, and don't follow the rules. They are bold and un-afraid to make a statement with their bridal gown, and their weddings reflect who they are as a woman, and as a couple.Sauvignon Cheyenne Bordeaux Gypsy Rose Beverly Sauvignon What do I love about my brides? They are FUN! It's easy to be overwhelmed with wedding planning and get caught up trying to make everything perfect. And as a lifelong perfectionist, trust me, I get it! But some of the best photos and memories are the ones when you let loose and just enjoy the day. When all is said and done, it won't matter how many flower vases ended up on each table, what will matter is how much joy you experienced on this special day...the laughs, the happy tears, the inside jokes, the dancing and even the "mistakes" all of it adds up to the love you share and the memories you will keep together. Sauvignon Bordeaux Sauvignon Pearle Veil Shenandoah Kristene My brides are so full of LOVE! I typically don't get to meet our bride's fiance's, so when I see photos like these... my heart just melts. It's like reading the second half of a romance novel and it ends just the way you imagined! I can't believe I get to be a small part of this magic... Nortre Dame Kristene Elizabeth Cheyenne Cheyenne Eden Champagne Cheyenne My brides do not fit into just one mold. They are understated and bold, elegant and wild, smart and sensitive, romantic and down to earth...they are one of a kind, and I'm truly the luckiest! Keep up to date with all of our real brides on their very own page HERE.

If you'd like the chance to be a featured CP bride, please share your photographer's link to images so that we can easily download our favorites. Email to along with any Instagram vendor credits (and yours of course, so we can tag you!).

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