Alex in Santorini - A Wedding Story

Alex in Santorini - A Wedding Story

Every couple has a story to tell, but these We first met Alex at The Castle back in March of 2020. She came in to LA from Seattle and chose the Santorini gown. We had her final fittings a few months later, and then due to the pandemic, the wedding had to be postponed. She picked up her dress, intending to have a very intimate wedding at her family's home in Vermont in September of 2020. On the drive there, the couple was in a car accident and Alex broke her neck. She was in treatment for months, but thank goodness, made a full recovery. The couple had brought her beloved kitty along for the wedding, and it ran away at the scene of the accident, but to add another miracle to the mix, not only did Alex make a full recovery, her sweet kitty returned after being missing for 45 days! Bride and Groom embrace in wedding photo Santorini Colorful wedding dress Wedding plans were re-set and canceled a few more times as the pandemic continued. As our bride explains, "Cue October 2021, basically one day we woke up and said enough is enough! Planned a wedding in 4 weeks and did the thing on the 21st with 80 of our vaccinated loved ones in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park with dinner & drinks at a local brewery afterwards. Luckily your dress survived the crash and I was able to wear it! 😊" What a story you have to tell Alex - I'm so glad you are ok, and so very happy to share your beautiful wedding.
Bride Dressing Santorini Wedding Dress Bride pinning boutonniere on Groom Groom holding cat and Bride is laughing Bride and Groom walking down stairs of wedding venue Bride and groom walking before wedding bride holding wedding bouquet Bride and groom walking Bride holds silk wedding dress skirt The bride and groom helped each other get ready, and then they were off for a walk to the park for some couple's portraits. I know it's traditional to get ready separately, but I have to say, I just love the intimacy of these two helping each other and having these moments for just the two of them. It just goes to show that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to plan a wedding...just your way. And bravo to Katie Jean Photos for capturing these gorgeous images. I do love some black and whites, and the warm tones of this fall day along with the pure love that is so clearly felt between these two is truly moving...made even more precious knowing how close it came to being a very different story.
Wedding venue bridge over lake in park Bride and Groom embrace at park venue Bride and Groom Embrace black and white photo Groom and Bride Alex had been dreaming of our Santorini gown. In fact, when she first contacted us, she said she was really just coming in to see that dress. Sometimes you just know. In her case, the colors of those chiffon flowers, the beaded waistline, the flowing silk was all just perfect! We created a beautiful Juliet style custom beaded veil, and sprinkled in a few flowers to tie it all together. Alex popped into the public restroom to put it on herself (that might be a first!) and she's every bit the beautiful bride. Love her little pop of color velvet shoes too! Santorini Wedding Dress Colorful embroidery Santorini Wedding Dress full silk skirt with Wedding Veil Time for these two to get married! A pretty bouquet and some DIY flowers from Tiny Hearts Farm, and then it was off to the boathouse to recite their vows. Their closest family and friends gathered by the lake to witness, and then on to celebrations with a few beers at Threes Brewing in Brooklyn. It wasn't a big production, it wasn't lavish. It was simple. And genuine. And truly moving. A dream wedding in my book, because it was absolutely overflowing with joy and love. Don't get me wrong, I love all kinds of weddings and elopements, many of them quite elaborate, but more important than any of those decisions you may agonize over: seating charts, floral installations, menus, music, and yes, even your dress, the two of you being in the moment and sharing your love - that's what makes a wedding a wedding. Happy anniversary you two. Enjoy married life, and may you have so many more unforgettable memories to cherish together.

Dress: Santorini by Claire Pettibone
Photographer: Katie Jean Photography
Rings & Engagement Necklace: Hutcherson Goldsmithing
Bouquet & Diy Flowers: Tiny Heart Farms
Ceremony Venue: Purslane at the Boat House
Reception Venue: Threes Brewing


Betty Gordon
Betty Gordon

Truly Breathtaking!! What a beautiful wedding I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one so Gorgeous!! Wishing you everlasting happiness !

Debra Radford
Debra Radford

What a story! So happy that she is now well. The dress looks perfect on her and is even more beautiful than I had imagined. The way the silk skirt falls is so beautifully perfect (can’t stop looking at it) and the floral detail on the bodice is exquisite (can’t stop looking at that either). I did not realise before how stunningly beautiful Santorini is (all your dresses are beyond beautiful) but these pictures really show this…I am quite in love with this dress too now! 🌸💗🌸💗🌸💗🌸

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