Champagne or Bordeaux? Cheers to Elopements!

Champagne or Bordeaux? Cheers to Elopements!

When I think of elopements, I always envision a dramatic outdoor setting in a faraway land. Someplace on the couple's bucket list of dream destinations, where they can recite their vows, pose for some beautiful couple's portraits, and relish in the grandeur of their love. Here in the US, Yosemite may not be too far away, but it sure does check all the boxes of an epic destination, and these two couples are giving us some amazing inspiration for how to do it right. Brides, find your gorgeous dress, grab your partner, and let nature's majesty inspire the two of you. Bride wearing lace weddding dress Champagne by Claire Pettibone Yosemite Elopement Wedding Photo Shoot Bride and Groom in Yosemite wedding photo shoot Bride and Groom in Yosemite wedding photo shoot In a word, epic. Our bride chose the Champagne gown and with her plunging neckline, sheer waist embellished with glistening iridescent floral appliques, and a fitted lace skirt with a sheer tulle overlay, it's the perfect gown for traipsing through the forest, don't you agree? Sunbeams shining through the trees and this sheer tulle gown...these beautiful images captured by Natalie Leonnig remind me of a forest fairyland, and our beautiful bride is their queen! Bride in Wedding Dress Champagne by Claire Pettibone Bride in Wedding Dress Champagne by Claire Pettibone Bride in Wedding Dress Champagne by Claire Pettibone Bride in Wedding Dress Champagne by Claire Pettibone Bride holding wedding bouquet Bride in Wedding Dress Champagne by Claire Pettibone Epic Wedding Forest Picture with Trees and Couple Next up, another gorgeous couple! This time our bride chose another gown from our Romantique Collection, the Bordeaux. This Guipure lace dress has a touch of bohemian flair with a classic soft mermaid silhouette. The sweetheart neckline dips to dripping off-the-shoulder lace sleeves, and the bodice is softly structured for support, while the fit to flare style shows off our bride's curves while still allowing her to hike through the mountains! Sometimes my brides worry that with a train, their gown will get dirty. My response, who cares?! It's really only the underside that may pick up a bit of dust and dirt, but no one will see it, and for photos like this, does it even matter? Dresses can be cleaned, but moments like this? Captured forever? So worth it! Epic Wedding Forest Picture with Trees and Couple Bride in Bordeaux by Claire Pettibone Bride and Partner Wedding Photos Yosemite Bride Wearing lace wedding dress Bordeaux Couple in Yosemite for Wedding Photo shoot Hands touch with sky in background Another dilemma - veil or no veil? There's no right or wrong answer, but I have to admit, I do love how a veil can enhance the look. Funny how that piece of tulle takes you from bride to BRIDE. There may be other times in life where you'll wear a full length formal gown, but a wedding (or elopement) is pretty much the only time you will wear a veil. If you're on the fence, I say go for can have photos both with and without, and I've never had a bride regret it, in fact, quite the opposite! Sometimes it's a last-minute accessory addition, and those photos become some of our bride's very favorites. In this case, we paired the vintage lace of Bordeaux with the pearl-edged Butterfly veil. This cathedral length veil has tiny hand-sewn flowers and pearls along the edge, and a few lace butterflies and flowers scattered on the end - perfect for an outdoor wedding celebrating nature's glory. Butterfly Veil Butterfly Veil Elopements can be just the couple, or include a handful of family and friends. They can be in a faraway land, or somewhere close to home. Your dress can be as simple or elaborate as you want, but don't feel like you can't go all out just because there won't be 300 people there. I've yet to have a bride (big wedding or small elopement) say she regretted wearing her dream dress! These two gowns happen to be from our Romantique Collection, priced between $2,500 to $3,500, and they both have an effortless, yet classic aesthetic just perfect for an outdoor wedding or elopement. No matter how you choose to design your wedding, do what feels right for you, make sure to plan for stunning couple's portraits, and soak up all the love as you begin your journey as a married couple.


Dresses: Champagne + Bordeaux by Claire Pettibone
Content Retreat Hosts: Nathalie Leonning Photo + Althea Garden Photography  + @gatherforthelight_
Makeup: Rachel Gueringer @msraynichole
Florals: Sweet Tea Floral @sweettea_floral
First Couple: {Pharel} + Elijo Abrium
Tux: Friar Tux
Second Couple: Alice Osborne + Amy Dutton

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Kaycee Leonnig
Kaycee Leonnig

We know our daughter is a talented photographer, but this images took my breathe away! Thanks for featuring her work!♥️

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