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10 Gorgeous Wedding Dress Back Design Styles from Claire Pettibone

When making a choice for a wedding dress, there is so much more to the decision the just the silhouette that will ultimately grace the bodies of brides-to-be on their wedding day. From the A of A-line to the T's of Tea-length, the options when comes to selecting the bridal gown can be overwhelming. Bride Standing at Balcony in Claire Pettibone Wedding Dress Back Wedding Dress DesignPhoto by Mairy Diana Frohmueller
Add to that the multitude of fabric and trimming details, not to mention sleeve length: cap, short, or long sleeves? How the wedding dress takes form through so many different factors can be daunting. It's enough to send you to a well deserved spa day after you've made your selection, or at the very least, a quiet room for some alone time and glass of chardonnay. Back Wedding Dress Detail from Claire Pettibone Couture DesignsPhoto by Emily Soto
One thing that can easily be overlooked in a wedding dress is the back design.
Bride Walking the Aisle with Father Bride in Lace Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone Bride Walking th Aisle with Father of Bride in Kristene Wedding Dress Imagine the day you're walking the aisle; your family and friends are catching glimpses of you in your dress as you pass them on the way to meet your soon to be life partner.
Bride and Groom Saying Wedding Vows Bride and Groom First Look Photo from Back of Wedding DressPhoto by Shala WillsPhoto by Alyssa Marie

Here are 10 bridal gowns to help you make your choice.

1. The Illusion Back

Kristene Wedding Dress with Illusion Back Model on Stairs Kristene Wedding Dress with Illusion Back DesignPhotos by Jeremiah & Rachel
This back style is a romantic and elegant choice that features delicate lace and tulle creating a beautiful and intricate pattern. For this gown, Kristene, the wedding dress that started it all, is a fan favorite bridal gown. She is an easy choice because of how many different body types it flatters. The soft illusion tulle of the back is framed by delicate guipure lace trim that offers a subtle hint to the Victorian inspired styling seen through the rest of this gown.

2. The Plunge Back

Saratoga Plunging Back Lace Wedding Dress Design by Claire PettibonePhoto by Anna Kim
Bride at Beach Sand Dune in Saratoga Plunge Back Wedding Dress Bride in Lace Wedding Dress Saratoga with flow shoulder streamersPhotos by Kerry Jeanne
A plunging back is a sexy and sophisticated choice that is perfect for a bride who wants to make that statement on her wedding day. This style is a modern take on the open back style and is a great option for brides who want to show off their beautiful back. And, the Saratoga gown does this with ease. This lace wedding dress has a plunging backless design accented with bold, lace appliques that caress the shoulders. Add to this, flowing crepe chiffon streamers attached at the shoulders, and when the gentlest of breezes comes along, your guest will swear you've transformed into a beautiful angel that's taking flight.

3. The Strapless Back

Victoriana Strapless Wedding Dress Back Design Detail by Claire Pettibone Victoriana Wedding Dress Strapless design by Claire PettibonePhotos by Kellē Sauer
This back style is a classic and timeless choice that is perfect for a bride who wants to show off her beautiful shoulders and arms. The strapless back is a versatile style that can be dressed up or down depending on the wedding theme and venue. By combining elements of Victorian inspired design to new modern bride sentiment, Victoriana is the gown that checks all the boxes. This timeless bridal gown's regal styling and beautiful embroidery is the highlight on the back of this strapless dress.

4. The Open Back

Ameythst Open Back Wedding Dress Design by Claire Pettibone Ameythst Open Back Wedding Dress Design by Claire PettibonePhoto by David Abel
An open back is another choice for a bride who wants to show her back but may be a little shy to take full plunge. This style is sophisticated and modern and is perfect for a summer or beach wedding. Their are so many choices from the collection, it's difficult to just pick one with this design option. This season, designing with open back gowns in mind, Claire raised the bar with this collection, or should we say brought up the rear with Amethyst .

Fully Adorned

Adorned Neckless by Vanessa Mellet for Claire Pettibone on Model Adorned Neckless on Open Back Wedding Dress by Amethyst by Claire Pettibone For the runway, this gown was paired with the Adorned neckless that can be worn a decoration for many gorgeous open back dresses and later be worn on your anniversary or other special occasions as a...neckless!

5. The Lace Back

Lace Wedding Dress Back Cheyenne by Claire Pettibone Lace Wedding Dress Back Cheyenne by Claire Pettibone Lace Wedding Dress Back Cheyenne by Claire PettibonePhotos by Sarah Kate
Lace is a classic material for wedding dresses and is perfect for brides who want a romantic and vintage-inspired look. The lace back style can be subtle and delicate or as big and bold as the lace pattern allows. This type of back is splendid for brides who wants to create a timeless look for her wedding day. Bridal gown artistry is taken to a new level with the Cheyenne lace wedding dress. This gown's lace back floral motif creates the perfect picture that frames the shoulders and necklines. It's a romantic wedding gown that will have your guest lining up to compliment you.

6. The Button Back

Button Baclk Lace Wedding Dress Eloise with blue Silk layer by Claire Pettibone Lace Wedding Dress back design with Buttons EloisePhotos by Kellē Sauer
This back style is a timeless choice and is perfect for a bride who wants a touch of that traditional and elegant look. The button back styling adds sophistication and romance to the gown. Hands down and buttoned up, the Eloise lace bridal gown with our exclusive blue silk underlayer shows off those buttons spectacularly. Buttons on Eloise are made of the same silk that creates the beautiful contrast so you can see all of the detail in the lace pattern.

7. The Halter Back

Halter Style Wedding Dress Celestine Designed by Claire Pettibone Back Halter Wedding Dress with Beaded Applique Designed by Claire Pettibone Photos by Anton Oparin
Bride in Celestine Wedding Dress by Claire PettibonePhoto by Carolina Rivera
This back style is a modern and sophisticated choice that is perfect for a bride who wants a unique and chic look. The halter back is perfect for a summer or beach wedding. Go ahead and let your beautiful arms and shoulders be seen. For this design, the Celestine gown elevates the illusion wedding dress back design with a beaded motif based on the stain glass window design of Notre Dame Cathedral. Artistry in this wedding dress design is off the charts and heading towards the heavens when also looking at the stunning beaded lace and embroidered fabric that make up the creation.

8. The Scoop Back

Photos by Lucy Munoz
Bride in Grace Scoop Back Design Wedding Dress wear veil running on grass with Groom in Tux Bride in Grace Scoop Back Wedding Dress hold wedding floral bouquet
Photos by Shanell Photography
Somewhere between the full plunge and the open back is the scoop back. The scoop is a versatile style that can be dressed up or down depending on the wedding theme and venue. The variety of our collection is seen is so many wedding dresses. If one is not daring to take the full plunge, then the scoop back wedding dress design is for you. The Grace wedding dress is a lace dream. It has a scoop back that is combined with oh so many beautiful details to mention that makes this bridal gown a magical wonder. Your guest will be enchanted by you in this gown.

9. The Cap Sleeve Back

Bride in Chantilly Beaded Embroideredy Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone Cap Sleeve Back Detail Designed Wedding Dress Chantilly by Claire PettibonePhotos by Jeremiah and Rachel
Detail of back of Chantilly Wedding DressPhoto by Apryl Ann
The cap sleeve back is a versatile style that can be dressed up or down depending on the wedding theme and venue. When brides need that just that little bit extra, the cap sleeve is the answer. Cap sleeves can be paired with the shear tulle, beautiful embroideries and laces, or even with an open back wedding dress design. The romantic and vintage style is undeniable in our Chantilly lace gown. The cap sleeves edged with guipure lace trim add structure to the delicate lace back of this bridal gown. You can dance freely knowing this gowns design will have you covered.

10. The Keyhole Back

Lace Wedding Dress Shenandoah with Keyhole open backPhoto by Feather and Stone
Shenandoah Lace Wedding Dress with Keyhole back designPhoto by Ashleigh Mitchell
This back style is a modern and sophisticated choice that is perfect for a bride who wants a unique and stylish look. The keyhole back is great for a summer beach weddings, nuptials in the forest, or a farm, barnyard wedding celebration. Great for brides who want to show off their beautiful back with bit of extra embellishment. The keyhole back design of Shenandoah offers a new definition of California Dreamin'. This is a boho wedding dress classic that is timeless and elegant without being over the top. Shenandoah and is a perfect balance of trend and tradition.

Honorable mention
Mary Lawless of Happily Grey in Custom Beverly Design
Custom Beverly Wedding Dress Mary Lawless Custom Beverly Wedding Dress with Open Back Mary LawlessPhotos by Emmy Lowe
The versatility of design within the collection can be shown with our Beverly lace wedding dress. Originally design with a keyhole back style, this wedding dress was customized for Mary Lawless and has other fashionable backless dress design elements; the open back scoop with delicate lace trim along the edges and lace covered buttons all complete this chic and sophisticated look.
The Back is not the end
It can be the beginning of your wedding dress journey
How is it possible to narrow down so many gorgeous choices to only 10 examples of wedding dresses from the Claire Pettibone collection? Claire Pettibone Couture Wedding Dresses from the 4 Season CollectionPhoto by Kayla Barker
Wedding dress back styles and design are always a priority whenever a new gown is designed by Claire. She knows, as a bride you are the center of attention, and that's exactly it, you're in the middle of it all.
All eyes on you from every angle, and shouldn't each view be a delight to behold? So remember, keep the back of the gown in the front of your mind when deciding upon the wedding dress you want for your big day.
You can see more favorite wedding dress back designs online here.

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