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Looking for the Perfect Long Sleeve Wedding Dress?

Long sleeve wedding dresses are a beautiful and timeless choice for any bride. These dresses offer both elegance and coverage, making them a popular choice for brides who want to feel comfortable and confident on their big day. Bride and Groom Hugging Bride in Claire Pettibone Lace Wedding Dress Shenandoah A major benefit of choosing a long sleeve wedding dress is the added coverage it provides. Many brides want to cover their arms for a more modest look. This can be especially appealing for brides who are getting married in a religious setting or who simply prefer a more traditional look. Bride and Groom Walking Holding Hands Bride wears Pearle by Claire Pettibone Also, if sophistication and elegance are how you imagine your dream dress, long sleeves are the "in vogue" look for fashionable brides. Whether it's a classic Hollywood star's dress, or a modern day royals in bridal gowns, some of the chicest wedding dress designs have them.
Bride wearing customer Kristene Wedding Dress designed by Claire Pettibone Bride and Groom Kiss at wedding ceremony bride in custom Long Sleeve Wedding Dress Embroidery detail of Kristene Wedding Dress designed by Claire Pettibone Another benefit of long sleeve wedding dresses is that they can be worn year-round. These dresses are perfect for fall and winter weddings when the weather is cooler, but can also be worn in the spring and summer with a little bit of styling. For example, a long sleeve lace dress can be paired with a light and flowy skirt for a summer wedding.
Bride in photo wear Vagabond Couture wedding dress designed by Claire Pettibone Lace sleeve detial of custom designed wedding dress by Claire Pettibone Our wedding dresses are made of with the some of the most beautiful fabrics in world including luxurious laces and rich embroideries. Even if the design doesn't have one, any dress can be made with long sleeves. Here you can see some of the most popular bridal gown options.
Embroidery sleeve detail Sleeve Details Sauvignon Wedding Dress Sleeve Detail bride and groom holding hands
Marie Couture Wedding Dress with elaborate lace sleeves

Types of Wedding Dress Sleeves

Lace long sleeve dresses: Lace is a classic and elegant choice for a wedding dress and can add a touch of romance to any long sleeve dress.
Beverly Lace Wedding Dress Sleeve Detail Lace Wedding Dress Back Detail with Keyhole Long Sleeves from Beverly Lace Wedding Dress by Claire PettiboneOff-the-shoulder long sleeve dresses: Off-the-shoulder sleeves are a great way to add a bit of sexiness to a long sleeve dress. This option provides coverage for the arms, but also shows off the shoulders and neckline.
Bride in Eloise wedding dress with off the shoulder sleeves Bride and Groom Kiss by lake Bride in Eloise Wedding DressSheer long sleeve dresses: Sheer sleeves can add a touch of femininity and sophistication to a wedding dress. They also provide a bit of coverage while still showing off the arms. Model Bride wears Santorini Colorful embroidery sheer sleeves Model Bride wears Primavera Colorful embroidery sheer sleeves Bell sleeve dresses: Bell sleeves are a fun and unique option for a long sleeve wedding dress. They add a bit of volume and movement to the dress, making it perfect for a bohemian or vintage-inspired wedding.
Bride wearing Chrysalis wedding dress with bell sleeves Bride holding wedding flower bouquet wearing Chrysalis wedding dress with bell sleeves

Lace Dresses and Gowns with Color

Some of the most popular
long sleeve dresses with our brides.

Shenanadoah Lace Boho Style wedding dress The Shenandoah bridal dress is the epitome of boho elegant style. It's sophisticated styling without being too much. The delicate eyelash of this lace adds a gorgeous and subtle detail for the bride that wants a dress with just the right bit of charm. Beverly Lace Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone If a lace wedding dress with sleeves is what you are looking for, then look no further than Beverly Wedding dress. This lace classic has subtle details and is perfect for bridal celebrations anywhere. No matter where your nuptials are being held, Beverly is a the prefect answer for your wedding day.
Pearle Vintage Style Couture Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves Pearle Vintage Style Couture Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves Pearle is the epitome of modern vintage and unique style. On this dress, delicate seed pearls embroidered into the lace dance along your arms and allover this wedding dress to create a unique and timeless look for your special day.
See the Pearle wedding dress featured in this Autumn Wedding Story
Venus Couture Wedding Dress with Color Long Sleeves designed by Claire Pettibone Model in Venus by Claire Pettibone Model holding the train of Venus Couture Wedding Dress with color If full goddess vibe is the theme of your wedding day, then Venus gown is the dress with sleeves that let you display all your beauty and glory. This gowns gorgeous silhouette is accentuated by these flowing sleeves. As signature Claire Pettibone Couture gown, Venus is the style that will have your entire wedding party awestruck as you walk the aisle of your wedding.

The Newest Designs from Claire Pettibone

Claire Pettibone Couture Designs Filigree and Arabesque Long Sleeve Dresses Adorned Collection Many of the new bridal gowns from the Adorned collection are strapless or have detachable sleeves, but having the sleeves attached to the wedding dress is a very easy customization that any our brides can choose to make their bridal look complete. Aquamarine off-shoulder wedding dress Claire Pettibone Adorned Collection The stunning Aquamarine gown, one of the newest couture styles for 2023 is the best of both worlds. This bridal dress is designed with detachable sleeves, but of course the silhouette could easily be designed with the sleeves attached. Beautiful details are a hallmark of the Claire Pettibone collection and Aquamarine does not disappoint. Arabesques Lace Wedding dress with sleeve flounces and silk ribbons Arabesque Couture wedding dress Arabesque Couture wedding dress Claire Pettibone Design Adorned Collection Looking for vintage bohemian style, the Arabesque gown is sure to check all the boxes. Silk ribbon details combined with the lightest of air chiffon fabric flounces makes this a perfect wedding dress for a romantic wedding ceremony.
Sevigne Embroidered Lace with Silk Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone Embroidered Sleeve Detail Sevigne Wedding Dress Of course if you are looking for the embodiment of elegance, then look no further than the Riviere gown. This stunning long sleeved beauty combines richly embroidered laces over delicate, shear tulle and is paired with a decadent flowing silk skirt. The lush trims create a shape that will adorn your neckline. It is a beautiful contrast between of sleek and romantic.

Finding Your Dress

Bride pointing to Father wearing lace wedding dress No matter what style of long sleeve dress you choose, it's essential to remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your wedding dress. Try on different bridal dresses and designs to find the perfect one. And don't be afraid to add your own personal touch to your dress, such as a veil or statement jewelry, to make it truly your own. Bride with Lace Wedding Dress sleeves Long sleeve wedding dresses are a beautiful, timeless and versatile choice for any bride. They offer both elegance and coverage, making them a perfect choice for brides who want to feel comfortable and confident on their big day. With so many styles, designs, and materials to choose from, Claire Pettibone couture bridal silhouettes are sure the be a favorite when you start search for your wedding dress online. Bride with Rabbit ears behind Groom Wearing a Lace Wedding Dress See photos of the full collection. Contact us online via chat or email. Find store near you. If you need more information about one of our gowns, a bridal stylist is here to help you.

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