Venus Colorful Embroidered Wedding Dress

Mastering the Art of Colorful Bridal Style

A Deeper Dive into a Hue-Filled Decision to Wear a Colorful Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is often more than just picking a beautiful dress in shades of ivory and white. Color is often more than a design can be a personal narrative woven into the fabric of the dress. Your wedding gown is a reflection of who you are as a woman, and a symbol of this life-changing commitment...and no, it doesn't have to be white! Venus Floral Embroidered Wedding Dress with Color Design by Claire Pettibone Primavera Wedding Dress with Enchanted Rose Cape by Claire Pettibone Shangri-la Colorful floral embroidery Wedding Dress With such emotional and symbolic weight behind this decision, the choice of a colorful wedding dress can help express the unique style of the bride and further amplify the story of the couple. Here's a more in-depth look into why colorful wedding dresses might be the right choice for many contemporary brides.

Gowns that make a Personal Expression

Bride in Ophelia Colorful Floral Embroidered Wedding Dress Bride in Soleil Sparkle Gold Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone Weddings, while rooted in tradition, are also a moment in time for couples to express their individuality on their wedding day. It's not only an exchange of vows to each other, it's also a formal introduction of yourselves as a married couple. Infusing color in your wedding dress can be a reflection of the bride's personality, style, or even a shared memory with her partner.

Goddess Vibes in Venus Gown

Model wearing Venus Colorful Wedding Dress from the Three Graces Collection Every bride should feel like a goddess on her wedding day, and with the Venus gown, that inspiration becomes a reality!
Bride and Groom wedding portrait Bride wearing Venus by Claire Pettibone Bride and Groom wedding portrait Bride wearing Venus by Claire Pettibone Bride and Groom wedding portrait Bride wearing Venus by Claire PettiboneCovered in pastel-tinted beaded chiffon flowers with just a hint of sparkling golden tulle, this dramatic sheath will certainly set a breathtaking tone to your wedding day.

Queen of the Desert

Desert Rose Floral Embroidered Wedding Dress in Joshua Tree "Eternal love that keeps arms satisfied...You are mine at last in everlasting remembrance" Gertrude Bell, performed Nicole Kidman in Queen of the Desert
Desert Rose Wedding Dress with Enchanted Rose Bridal Cape Enchanted Rose Bridal Cape with Large Silk Flowers Maybe the muted blush of the Desert Rose gown reminds her of the first sunrise they watched together, or a bouquet of pink roses from the early days of dating.
Bride wrapped in Enchanted Rose Bridal Cape Wedding Portrait First Look Photo Bride in Desert Rose with Enchanted Rose Bridal Cape Wedding Portrait Bride in Desert Rose by Claire Pettibone with Wedding Party This gown tells an utterly romantic story, and paired with the Enchanted Rose Cape, will create an epic wedding look for the brides special day.

Moment of Serenity in Eloise

Eloise Lace Wedding Dress with Blue Silk Blue Wedding Dress Eloise by Claire Pettibone Blue Wedding Dress with Ivory Lace by Claire Pettibone Calmness, serenity, peace, and healing are just a few of the symbolic meanings of the color blue. The soft blue silk layered under the lace of our Eloise gown is the perfect expression of those qualities.
Bride in Eloise with Groom Wedding Portrait Bride and Groom wedding Portrait Bride in Eloise Lace wedding Dress May be it's the shade of their partner's or a beloved grandparent's eyes. Or may be this shade just happens to look fabulous on you, and you want something classic and timeless but with an unexpected twist.

Colorful Wedding Dresses
Setting the Mood

Peony Flora Wedding Gown with Lace Straps Colors have the profound ability to evoke emotions and set a mood. Soft shades of blush can convey romance, serenity, and dreamy elegance, while bold colors can signify passion, grandeur, or even a hint of playful mischief. By choosing a colorful wedding dress, a bride has the opportunity to set an emotional tone for her wedding day.

The Peony Gown is a Romantic Floral Dream

Peony Embroidered Bridal Gown with Bridal Floral Decorations Peony Wedding with Dress with Les Fleurs Cape Sleeves Peony Wedding with Dress with Les Fleurs Cape Sleeves Our Peony gown is the perfect example of romantic dreams come true. The floral embroidery on this dress makes a breathtaking statement from the fitted sheer bodice to the graceful silk skirt. The sophisticated mix of blush, champagne, and soft sage green tones make this a lovely choice for a garden wedding. Add the stunning cape sleeves, and you will literally be transformed into a Goddess.

Classic Style Made Modern with Colorful Ophelia Gown

Ophelia Floral Embroidered Gown Ophelia Floral Embroidered Gown Floral Embroidery Ophelia Wedding Dress The timeless strapless silhouette of the Ophelia gown is another gorgeous way to set a romantic tone. The graceful A-line dress is classic, but the surprise of pastel florals layered over gold lace gives it a fresh look to this colorful wedding dress.

The Briolette Gown is Bringing Sexy Back

Lace Trim Low Back Detail Briolette Gown Briolette Wedding Dress with Sliver and Ivory Lace Briolette Wedding Dress with Sliver and Ivory Lace Accents of metallic silver and blush in the French lace cast an elegant nod to the Art Deco period. The Briolette wedding dress has a sexy low back with dramatic lace dangles, and this sheath will set a sophisticated mood for a black-tie wedding or an elevated outdoor soirée. For the bride that only wants a subtle hint of color, this wedding dress is the perfect choice.

Standing Out and Making Memories

Raven a Wedding Dress Dared to be Dreamed

Raven Couture Floral Embroidered Black Wedding Dress Floral Embroidered Black Wedding Dress Black Wedding Dress with Silver and Floral embroidery We could imagine that Poe was thinking about our Raven gown when he wrote, “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” The Raven, Edgar Allan Poe Bride in Raven Claire Pettibone Designed Couture Wedding Dress Raven is a gorgeous choice for a gothic bride, or just someone looking for a non-traditional look. Technically, you could say it is a black dress, but the layers of red and pink floral embroidery on black tulle are layered over shimmering sequins and ivory silk, so the end result is kind of a smoky drama that is an unforgettable colored wedding dress.

Shangri-La is Paradise Found

Shangri-la Colorful floral embroidery Wedding Dress Shangri-La is the epitome of a colored wedding dress. This gown is a stunning combination of vibrant fuchsia, turquoise and olive green embroidery layered over metallic gold lace.
Bride in Gold Wedding Dress with Multi-color embroidery Shangri-la Bride and Groom wedding photo Bride in Shangri-la Groom in Purple Tux Perhaps this is not your first wedding or your first trip to paradise. Maybe you want to express the woman you have become with bold color. Or maybe you have a Moroccan eclectic vibe in mind for your celebration. Bride and Groom wedding photo Bride in Shangri-la Groom in Purple Tux Step out in this dress on your wedding day and your guests will know that this event will be one-of-a-kind just like you!

Seasonal Harmony

Bride in Soleil Sparkle Gold Wedding Dress with Bridesmaids The time of year can also influence the choice of gown color. Choosing a color that harmonizes with the season can enhance the aesthetic cohesion of the entire wedding theme. Spring offers a bounty of blooming colors that so many of our brides choose for their special day. Autumn is one of our most popular wedding season, and a gown with warm golds, rose gold, or mossy greens can really set the tone for a fall weddings. Winter weddings celebrations offer another way to introduce vibrant tones against snow draped forest back grounds.

The Magic of Golden Sunshine the Soleil Gown

Soleil Gold Lace with Sparkle Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone Soleil Gold Lace with Sparkle Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone The golden sunlight of late summer days are the perfect paring with the touch of champagne sparkle. This might be just the subtle hint of color you're looking for. The Soleil gown is made of couture French embroidery with airy tulle that is dusted with shimmering gold sparkle.
Bride and Groom wedding portrait Bride wearing Soleil Wedding Dress Bride and Groom wedding portrait Bride wearing Soleil Wedding Dress Many of our brides select the Soleil gown due to it's seasonless styling that can be worn any time of year. Just imagine this gown paired with some fall florals, and the effect is perfection.

Pearle the Quintessential Vintage Elegance

Pearle Wedding Dress Design by Claire Pettibone Colorful Vintage Styled Dress Close your eyes and imagine that perfect wedding dress style you may have seen in your great grandmother's wedding photo album, well the Pearle wedding dress is what you are seeing. Bride portrait Pearle Wedding Dress Bride holding floral bouquet Wedding Dress Design Claire Pettibone Bride in Pearle vintage style wedding dress with wedding party celebrating This gown is a stunning nod to dresses of those times. Perfect for a fall wedding, the rose gold embroidery with tiny seed pearls, sheer long sleeves, and button back details say fall in such a sophisticated, timeless way. The colors of this dress are beautiful on so many skin tones.

Spring Colors in the Garden

Model in Cherry Blossom Wedding Dress Les Fleurs Collection Detail of floral Embroidery April Claire Pettibone Detail of fabric from April wedding Dress Are you planning a spring or summer ceremony? Wedding dress with a hint color for spring allow you to standout against all the beautiful colors of flower and greenery. The April and Cherry Blossom wedding dresses have whispers of blush and pink accents are worked into these ivory dresses for a very soft tone.
Hana floral embroidered Buttercup yellow embroidery Wedding Dress Couture Wedding Dress Design by Claire Pettibone Hana Another popular color choice for the season is the faint hint of buttercup yellow mixed into the beautiful arrangement of florals. The Hana gown adds this colorful element to the entire wedding setting. It's another timeless way to infuse just a hint of color on the big day.
Odessa Blue Embroidery Wedding Dress Floral Embroidered Wedding Dress For the ultimate "something blue" moment the Odessa gown has bold and vibrant blue flowers with graceful silver vines will make a lasting impression for a winter or spring wedding.

A Reflection of Modern Times

Linda and Drew Scott Wedding Portrait Linda Phan wears Embroidered Santorini Wedding Dress Today's bride is not just a passive participant in her wedding; she's an active creator of her narrative. The modern bride is bold, confident, and not afraid to challenge norms. A wedding dress with color can be a reflection of this contemporary spirit, symbolizing freedom, choice, and individuality. Bride Holding train of Ophelia Embroidered with Dress Bride and Partner walking for wedding portrait In essence, the choice to introduce color into a wedding dress is multifaceted, steeped in personal reasons, cultural significance, and aesthetic preferences. Bride in Ophelia Dancing at Wedding Celebration It's a declaration that while traditions are cherished, there's always room for personal twists, making each wedding as unique as the love story it celebrates.

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