The Black Beauty Love Face Mask

The Black Beauty Love Face Mask

I'm so happy to introduce the newest addition to our Love Mask Collection...Black Beauty! Since creating our face masks earlier this year, we've had such an overwhelming response. I thought it might be a good idea to add a neutral, black version to the collection that's perfect for COVID- safe special events, micro-weddings, intimate Autumn get-togethers, or...when you go out to VOTE (reminder: election day is November 3rd)! This mask is perfect for Fall and Winter and I hope our butterflies bring you a little joy this Holiday season.Love Face Mask in BlackBlack Love Mask Butterfly Detail
Just like all of our Love Masks, this one is designed for women and children to cover the nose and mouth without excess bulk. The silk ties are adjustable around the ears, and tie at the base of the neck, allowing the mask to fit snugly and comfortably. Made of 100% cotton with cotton voile lining, 100% silk binding, and black Guipure lace butterflies, each mask also features an interior pocket for a filter (filter not included).
Burgundy Love Face MaskPrinted Love Face MaskWhile we head into fall, take a look at some other pretty options for every day. Two of my personal favorites, Peony in Burgundy which happens to go beautifully with some of my floral tops, and the Tapestry which is always a perfect pairing with denim.Wedding Place SettingI believe in love and I know that we will get through this, but we must all do our part. Thank you for supporting our small business, and for protecting yourself and those around you by physical distancing and wearing face masks. I know it's been such a challenging year for so many, and I'm sending you love through it all.

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