The Art of Soleil

The Art of Soleil

Some photos touch my soul like no others, and I think it's because they capture something deeper than just the beauty on the surface. When I received this gallery from Kellē Sauer, I teared up while gazing through the beauty she captured with the Soleil gown. I couldn't help but be reminded of the 19th century artist John Singer Sargent and his exquisite portraits. Here are a few of my favorite paintings paired with our bride, proving that beauty is truly timeless.
John Singer Sargent | The Wyndham Sisters: Lady Elcho, Mrs. Adeane, and Mrs. Tennant, 1899Soleil Couture Wedding Embroidered Wedding Dress Claire Pettibone

John Singer Sargent | The Wyndham Sisters: Lady Elcho, Mrs. Adeane, and Mrs. Tennant, 1899|

We are complex humans which means we can be fragile, resilient, moody, and zen all in the same stroke. I experience all of those notes in these images, and it's completely mesmerizing. The way the light bounces off of the bride's décolletage and the shimmering fabric against the dark background... these contrasts are a beautiful metaphor for our inner world.
John Singer Sargent | Mrs. Huth Jackson, 1907Soleil Wedding Dress Lace Sleeve

John Singer Sargent | Mrs. Huth Jackson, 1907

Couture Lace Wedding Dress Soleil by Claire PettiboneClaire Pettibone Wedding Dress | John Singer Sargent: Protrait of Madame X 1883–84

John Singer Sargent | Madame X (Madame Pierre Gautreau)1883–84

I love when photographers go all out with photo shoots. But sometimes with all the moving parts, we can lose sight of the subject or story, and the moment can feel overproduced. I love the simplicity, yet complexity here. There's a clear mood being portrayed, but it's done in a minimal way. I often refer to my brides as "fine art brides" because of the artistry and attention to detail they bring to their weddings. When the details are this stunning, all you need is an intricate dress and the caress of natural light. Look how she echoes the famous Madame X.Front Detail of Soleil Wedding DressJohn Singer Sargent | Rose-Marie Ormond, 1912Claire Pettibone Couture Wedding Dress Soleil

John Singer Sargent | Rose-Marie Ormond, 1912

Soleil Wedding Dress Model Sitting in ChairJohn Singer Sargent | Miss Helen Dunham, 1892

John Singer Sargent | Miss Helen Dunham, 1892

There are so many details you can miss on a gown, but we experience all of them here. Soleil has the most gorgeous, sparkling French embroidered tulle that drapes effortlessly, while the flutter sleeves mimic the movement and gathers in the skirt. The vine applique adds a whimsical element to the dress while the sparkles add mystery and depth. This gown is perfect for a formal Fall ceremony under twinkling lights, or golden hour sunshine of late summer.
John Singer Sargent | Nancy Witcher Langhorne, Viscountess Astor, 1908Soliel Wedding Dress from Claire Pettibone

John Singer Sargent | Nancy Witcher Langhorne, Viscountess Astor, 1908

I think we can all see aspects of ourselves in these portraits...looking for a moment of stillness, to just be. It's a busy world, and we need to remind ourselves that it's okay to take 5 minutes to gaze out the window, or gaze at ourselves as we get ready for the next event of our life, or to just sit and breathe. Art can serve to remind us of the beauty and dimension of simplicity. In every season of our life, let's appreciate the quiet moments, the changes, and the magic we experience.Claire Pettibone Soliel Wedding Dress Back with lace train detail

Dress: Soleil by Claire Pettibone
Photographer: @kellesauer
Model: @charlottexrae

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Your dresses are exquisite. This one is my favorite though.

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