Featured in the New York Times

Featured in the New York Times

Many of our original 2020 brides are walking into 2021 with a new wedding date and for many, a new season for their special day. This leaves many questions about how to move forward in terms of wardrobe! Although your wedding date may have changed, along with the season, that doesn't mean you have to start over with your wedding gown... I promise. Check out a few ideas featured in the New York Times, about updating your bridal look for your new wedding date!Elouis Lace Wedding Dress with Blue Silk Claire Pettibone

Gown: Eloise | Photography: Kelle Sauer

Something that brides need to remember is that wedding attire can very much be season-less. It's more the other elements (colors for décor, flowers, wedding party) that can set a seasonal tone. You would think that having a non-ivory lined gown would define the time of year; however, it's actually a good way to have your gown feel neutral from the get go! Our Eloise gown, lined in blue silk, has been worn by brides who were married in Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall and they all looked beautiful and fit in with their setting every time.Vida Colorful Lace Embroidered Wedding Dress | Claire PettiboneDetail of Embroidered Wedding Dress | Claire Pettibone

Gown: Vida | Photography: Victoria Gold Photography

Cotton Wedding Dress with Lace SleevesLace Sleeve Details on Wedding Dress

Gown: Marie | Photography: Inna Yasinska

If you still want to update your gown a little, why not add stunning separate sleeves, a jacket, or a caplet to the dress? The Marie and Vida gowns are beautiful examples of how adding sleeves or building up the neckline to resemble a couture jacket can completely transform the look while keeping the integrity of the gown. You still have the original gown you fell in love with, with just a little extra beauty and personal touches!
Claire Pettibone Wedding Shoes Giselle for Bella Belle

Shoes: Giselle-Claire Pettibone for Bella Belle | Photography: Steve Torres

Beverly Lace Wedding Dress Keyhole BackLace Wedding Dress from Claire Pettibone

Gown: Beverly | Photography: Meg Smith

Can you guess what time of year this bride got married based on her dress? Nope! But her flowers give it away. If you said Fall, that's correct! If you're a bride and you've found the gown that expresses who you are, then go forward with your dream dress regardless of the season. This is about feeling true to yourself, and if adding sleeves, a cape, or changing your shoes still make you feel that way, then go for it. The flowers and decor truly set the set the tone, so no stress about the dress!

You can read more about updating your look in the most recent issue of the New York Times Style section!

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