Chloris in Roma

Chloris in Roma

I'm often asked, "Where do you find your inspiration?" Well, take a look at the beauty you'll find here photographed by Carrie Joy Osborne on the streets of Rome for one good answer. As a lover of antiquities, a city filled with art, culture and history is always a good place to start. So many ideas can begin with the smallest details, or even just a mood that a place can invoke. Whether you're planning a destination wedding, or just incorporating elements of design from one of your favorite places, as I always say, inspiration is all around us. Chloris Couture Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone Fontana dell'Acqua Paola Sleeve detail Chloris Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone Chloris Unique Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone Bride in Chloris by Claire Pettibone by the Fontana delle Naiadi Chloris Wedding Dress sleeve Bride seated in Chloris Wedding Dress Bride by fountain in Italy in Chloris wedding dress It's easy to believe our urban Goddess is ruling this city...dressed in the enchanted Chloris gown, her floral feminine energy is a beautiful contrast to the stone sculptures and soaring fountains. With her fluttering petal sleeves, and shimmering silver and ivory embroidery, she's almost like an elegant swan paying a visit to the waters. An illusion neckline with a graceful blossom reaching across the heart, this floral wedding dress is an ode to the Renaissance, so of course she is right at home in this city of romance. A long flowing train is intricately embellished with Guipure silver lace and ruffled silk ribbons - perfect for strolling these gorgeous streets. Discovering frescoes and secret little corners is one of the pleasures of travel, and for me, creating intricate details, placing flowers just so, is like planting little surprises for our brides to discover as well. Bride in Wedding dress view Renaisance frescoe in Italy Wedding Inspiration Bride in Wedding dress view Renaisance frescoe in Italy Chloris Wedding dress by Claire Pettibone When we visit a foreign city, our senses are heightened, we're "in the moment" and it feels like around every corner is something unexpected, just waiting to be discovered. I try to maintain this aura of wonder and keep my eyes open even in my own home town. Here at The Castle, I'm so lucky to be surrounded by some breathtaking carvings, paintings and artisan pieces. Our salon is like our own little oasis in Los Angeles, and our brides often comment on the sense of peace and wonder they experience when stepping through our doors. When I look at sculptures, paintings or any beautiful objects created by humankind, I think about all the thought, skill and care that went into creating these artifacts. They inspire me to do the same in designing our laces and embroideries. I'm always looking at patterns and motifs and thinking of ways to incorporate them into my work. The simplest detail can spark a whole collection! In the case of The Three Graces, it began with Italian master Botticelli's painting, Primavera. Imagining the muses and goddesses dancing in the garden...what would they wear if I brought them to life now? The Chloris gown is just one of my answers. Bride in Chloris by Claire Pettibone by the Fontana delle Naiadi Bride in Chloris Wedding Dress and Veil by Claire Pettibone wedding dress and Veil by Claire Pettibone Detail of Wedding Veil by Claire Pettibone Weddding Dress Chloris in Itay Speaking of details and motifs, the Flora veil is a gorgeous pairing with Chloris. Silver threads, ivory organza petals and tiny sequins and beads trace along the tulle edge in a lyrical floral vine design. When my brides decide NOT to wear a veil, I have to admit it makes me a little sad. I'm all for doing what feels right for you, and I'll stand by you for that, but I have to say, this is the ONLY time in life you will ever wear a veil, so why not add this pezzo irresistibile? We've embellished you from shoulder to hem, let's just make it head to toe! It's kind of amazing how that ethereal piece of tulle can elevate the ensemble and just bring so much drama, magic and beauty to the picture. Lunga vita ai dettagli! Chloris wedding dress and veil by Claire Pettibone Italy Location

Dress: Chloris & Veil: Flora by Claire Pettibone
Planning & Photography: Carrie Joy Osborne
Beauty: Arianna Saura
Accessories: Lindsay Marie Design
Model: @naiaraporto

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