Boho Babes

Bohemian style can be interpreted in so many ways. From flower crowns, to barefoot beaches, desert reveries, to sun and wind-swept hair. This is what is so awesome and unforgettable about a great wedding…it’s all about the unique blend of you and your partner. Celebrate what makes you extraordinary, and follow your heart.

Q: Who is the Claire Pettibone bride?

A: There is no single answer. She is smart, stylish, irreverent, curvy, svelte, tall, petite, sweet, strong, independent, vulnerable, and everything in between. We often use clothing as a way to express who we are, or who we aspire to be, and never is this more evident than on your wedding day. As anyone who follows Claire knows, she has a sincere devotion to all things vintage and a unique approach to dressing the bride. Some have called her “non-traditional” perhaps because she doesn’t restrict the idea of a wedding dress to the ubiquitous ball gown or the color white. Antique lace, illusion backs and floral embellishments…these are all things that stir her soul, but the details that really matter are, “Does this gown make you feel a bit overwhelmed (in a really good way!) confident in your unique beauty, and ready to melt your lover’s heart?” If you genuinely connect with the artistry, heart and soul that she pours into her designs, then yes, you are a Claire bride!

 Here are just a few of our gorgeous real, and styled brides.

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