Adorned Necklace

Our exclusive Adorned necklace is designed to drape down the back when paired with our low back wedding dresses. 3 strands of shimmering gemstones set in 18K gold vermeil, this heirloom piece can be attached at the shoulders to gracefully drape down the back.

After the wedding, the piece can be worn to the front as a traditional necklace to celebrate anniversaries and special occasions for years to come, and one day, passed on to future generations.

Designed for the Adorned Collection in collaboration with Vanessa Mellet in18K Gold Vermeil in two colorways:

  • Pink Amethyst is associated with love and peaceful energy and is thought to infuse the heart with a sense of calm, trust and grace. With a total of 19ct. of Pink Amethyst and a few Rhodolite Garnets to compliment the Amethyst Gown, what a beautiful addition to your wedding ensemble!
  • Crystal Quarts enhances spiritual growth, awareness and wisdom, and is known as the most powerful healing stone. With 22ct. total weight of Quartz Crystal and Freshwater Pearls, this piece pairs with Amulet, Filigree, or just about any of our Ivory or Ecru wedding dresses. Custom gemstones available by request.

Pre-Order Now for the Holidays! Please Allow 6 to 8 Weeks for Delivery

Designed as part of the Adorned Collection, the piece pairs beautifully with:
Amethyst, Amethyst, Amulet, April, Chloris, Chrysalis, Crystal, Filigree, Flora, Grace, Primavera, Raven, Santorini, Sauvignon, Soleil, Venus

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