Our Packaging

I come from a family of artists, so beautiful things have always been a part of my world. But if you ask me what is my most treasured possession, (aside from my family of course!) I would say my great-grandmother’s photo album. It’s not even the photos inside, although they are wonderful, but it’s the cover that really gets me…sculpted porcelain roses in bas-relief hand painted on tortoise shell with velvet brocade and a brass clasp. It is my most treasured heirloom, for the history inside, the stories it holds, and the beauty it inspires.

It was with this in mind, that we created the Heirloom Box. After all, Heirlooms must be carefully cared for, and protected so that perhaps, one day, they will be discovered and appreciated long after our time.

Your precious lingerie, veils and accessories, will arrive in our keepsake Heirloom Box featuring a reproduction of the same lyrical 18th Century landscape oil on canvas that welcomes guests to our Flagship Salon, “The Castle.” Tied with an antique gold satin ribbon, our canvas textured box makes the perfect place to store your Heirloom treasures. We hope that you will enjoy the delights inside, and create your own lasting memories to revisit and cherish with those you love.