What is Timeless?

What is Timeless?

In this culture of on demand NOW and NEXT, what is timeless? This is something I actually spend a lot of time thinking about as I design a collection. Although I love trends and find inspiration in both the past and my current surroundings, when I create a wedding dress, I do think about the long term.Claire Pettibone Wedding Dress Odessa in mirrorOne day my bride will look back at these photos, and maybe even down the line her children or grandchildren will too…what will they think? Was it trendy? Was it too much or not enough? Most importantly, does it capture her essence, who she was at that sweet time in life when love between two people was just beginning. My ultimate goal is to create wedding dresses that portray each bride and illuminates her beauty and endures the test of time.Ophelia by Claire PettiboneThis season, I put my spin on the classic strapless gown, and here is a peek at some of the dresses debuted during April Bridal Market. A sublime balance of the luxuriant and delicate are at the heart of the Timeless collection gowns. Featured here are a select few of the creations that will be gracing the aisles on my brides early fall 2019 and spring 2020.Claire Pettibone Odessa Wedding DressThe romantic and glamorous Odessa peek-a-boo wedding dress featuring a lush French embroidery is perfect for showing off a lovely silhouette.Claire Pettibone AnaisFeel as though you are floating down the aisle on a flowering cloud in Anais. Delicate blooms cover the bodice and cascade ever so gently over the skirt creating the ultimate romantic dress.Claire Pettibone Wedding Dress Marie with SleevesMarie, designed for hopeless romantic or any lady of the 7 kingdoms. So whether you be a dragon, wolf or lion this wedding dress will satisfy your vintage vibe desires. (forgive my GoT reference :-)Eloise Blue Silk Wedding Dress by Claire PettiboneLucida by Claire Pettibone Floral Embroidered BodiceClaire Pettibone Wedding Dress OpheliaClaire Pettibone Wedding Dresses Lucinda Marie I chose a combination of muted colors and of course “timeless” black and white images to capture the mood.Marie and Odessa Wedding Dresses by Claire PettiboneThe latest collection was captured in a dreamy shoot photographed by Kelle Sauer. Hair and makeup by Page Beauty was inspired by old-world portraits, with a modern, effortless vibe. View the entire Timeless Collection.

Photography: @kellesauer
Hair and Makeup @pagebeauty

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