The Goddess Adorned

The Goddess Adorned

Where do our stories and superstitions come from? I find that many of the great tales and traditions of our time stem from ancient rituals in celebration of the feminine, and Friday the 13th is no exception! In pagan times, Friday was believed to have a unique association with the divine feminine. The number 13 was recognized by goddess-worshipping cultures for its connection to the number of lunar and menstrual cycles that occur in a year. This day has always been a favorite of mine. When Friday the 13th pops up on my calendar, I like the idea of reclaiming this 'unlucky' day back to the powerful symbolism it once held. I hope this gorgeous shoot planned by Twigs & Honey (owned by the talented female designer, Myra Callan) inspires not only some wedding-worthy accessory choices, but also illustrates the beauty and magic that happens when women collaborate and express their creativity. April and Soleil Wedding Dresses by Claire Pettibone Soleil Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone Claire Pettibone Wedding Dress with Twigs and Honey Accessories Confidence should always come from within, but on your wedding day, adding a little touch of sparkle never hurts! Metaphorically, all women wear crowns, but when in life do you ever get to wear a delicate pearl adorned hair piece or whimsical floral drop earrings? Unless you're going all-out for those Zoom meetings?! Twigs & Honey accessories embody the goddess (and queen!) within, and pair perfectly with our gowns. I mean, how gorgeous do Soleil and April look paired with these jewels? Brianna Raye Photography captured these beauties, Pure Elegance Artistry styled their tresses, Amelia Marie Foster dolled them up, and Tricia Treadwell gave them some beautiful blossoms to all female team? I love it!
An embellished back can call for an embellished hair accessory as well. Pretty keyhole and illusion lace backs have always been a signature wedding dress detail of mine, and while these design elements are craving attention, we also want to bring the focus up to your face (and maybe your gorgeous hair!) so a pretty comb or set of hair pins add the finishing touch. Our Eden gown is all too happy to share the spotlight, and when you find the right combination, the gown and bridal accessories don't compete, they just compliment each other, and most importantly, help YOU shine. When it comes to accessories, don't be afraid to go for something bold. Perhaps a dramatic bird cage veil or a statement hair piece is your vibe. Whatever you choose, remember that accessories tend to look smaller in photographs, and people will be admiring you from a distance most of the time during your wedding, so it's okay to go a little more dramatic if you're feeling up to it! Maybe going 'bold' with a hair piece and earrings isn't really your thing, and that's okay too! Adding dainty hair pins or a simple hair vine is always a lovely touch and will still draw the attention up to your smiling face. A lot of these decisions will be determined by your gown, so first thing's first, let's get you in here for an appointment at The Castle to find your dress! Vintage Chantilly beaded lace like Sarah? That halter neckline is just asking for some chandelier earrings. To veil or not? I say yes, but we're here to show you some gorgeous options, and then we'll help you choose the accessories that are a perfect compliment to your gown, your wedding theme, and your personal style...dressing you up is our favorite thing to do!
Our Kristene gown styled 3 ways: Floral garden, modern with a statement earring, or bohemian queen. As you can see, the accessories really do help set the tone. However you choose to style your wedding look, I hope you remember that you will always be a goddess. A goddess that should be honored, loved, and respected each and every day. Let's reclaim this 'unlucky' day, and use it as a reminder to recognize the incredible women in our lives, and continue fighting for the rights and empowerment of women everywhere. My work is, and always will be, dedicated to the celebration of Women. Happy Friday the 13th my goddesses!


Dress: Gowns by Claire Pettibone
Accessories: Twigs & Honey
Photography: Brianna Raye Photography
Hair: Pure Elegance Artistry
Makeup: Amelia Marie Foster
Florals: Tricia Treadwell

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