Skye in Soleil

Skye in Soleil

Do you want to see one of the most epic wedding videos ever? Need a break from shopping mania? Well, here it is. Our bride Skye chose the Soleil gown, and given the sun and sky connection, it really was meant to be. Just a warning before watching, make sure you have a box of tissues, and some privacy...I was literally sobbing while watching this, so maybe wait until you are alone. It will restore your faith in humanity, in love, in the majesty of nature...yup, it's that good. And if you'd like to see their photos, I'm featuring them in our next edition of our print magazine, "for the LOVE of" so be sure to order your copy in January. Until then, hug your loved ones, take a walk out in nature, and remember what a wedding is truly all about...enjoy!

Dress: Soleil Gown
Veil: Baby's Breath
Videographer: Jack and Mack Films
Photographer: Dani Purington
Florals: Summer In Bloom
Beauty: Bareface Beaute

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