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Happy Mother's Day! I'm so lucky to witness the special mother-daughter moment when a bride finds her gown... and it's even more special to see the photos from the actual wedding day. Mothers and daughters have a special kind of relationship (yes, I know it can be complicated!) but through it all, there's no one else like mom. I'm so grateful to not only experience this with my own daughter, but to witness it with my beautiful brides. To all the moms out there, this one's for you! The moments before you say "I do" are some that you'll remember forever (and mom will too!). There's so much excitement, friends and family buzzing around, and it's truly a feeling unlike any other...the day that you've been planning (probably for months if not years!) has finally arrived. This also includes the moment when mom helps button your gown, tie your ribbon, or places your veil... just one more time where she gets to dress you up like when you were a little one. Although it's typical for a bride to envision her wedding day throughout her life, she's not the only one! Mom envisions it too. She thinks about the day you'll marry the love of your life and how the festivities will go, the dress, seeing you walk down the aisle...Brides, be gentle with your moms as you plan your wedding. They're going through a lot of emotions during this time. She can't help but see you through the lens of the years spent raising you, so yes, you're all grown up now, but for her, those memories of you as a little girl feel like yesterday. The whole mother-daughter dynamic can be quite complicated, and sometimes it's messy and imperfect, but that's life, isn't it? I always remind the mom's I meet to be open to their daughter's vision. It may not be what THEY dreamt of, but it's the bride's day, and ultimately, it will be beautiful and love-filled...and isn't that all that REALLY matters?   Of course, every wedding is unique, and sometimes it's mom who gets married! I love these sweet photos of our bride Tina and her daughter Daniella. These two clearly have a special bond, and it was such a joy to create custom pieces for both of them! I was lucky to have my mom with me at my own wedding, and these moments that our bride's are experiencing will be precious memories one day too. It wasn't until I became a mother myself, and after my mom passed, that I gained a much deeper understanding of what I meant to her, and what she means to me. I try to bring this awareness into our bride's appointments and encourage both moms and daughters to be kind, patient and loving to each other. I didn't design my own dress (it was the 90's, don't get me started!) but one day I'll be dressing this little beauty up, and I promise to listen to, and respect the woman she will grow up to be. Happy Mother's Day everyone...give your momma some love!


How very wonderful to see a picture of you with your Mom on your wedding day…thank you lots for sharing this! You look even more beautiful in the picture with your daughter! x

Debra Radford May 12, 2021

I am so glad I read this, Claire🥰! It made me both smile and cry. I was thinking of my Angel Mother last night before I went to sleep and though it’s been over ten years since she passed, I need her so much in my life. My daughter will be 19 in June, and I cannot wait until she finds that special person❣️ We live in Northern California so it will be very close to come and see you😍❣️Happy Mother’s Day to you😘💐❣️

Barri Lucero May 12, 2021

And cheers to all the mothers of the grooms! The bond between a mother and her son is just as incredible. ❤️

Liz May 12, 2021

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