Linda and Drew Say I Do

Linda and Drew Say I Do

We got a call asking if we would be open to filming with a bride searching for her dress at our Los Angeles flagship salon, and that’s how I met Linda Phan. That segment of “Property Brothers” was the first glimpse of what Linda was imagining for her wedding to “Property Brothers” star, Drew Scott. She tried on a few gowns, and like any bride, felt a little overwhelmed, and excited about the possibilities. In Linda’s own words, “I had such a lovely time with you! I was a little nervous because, well, that was the very first time I had tried on ANY wedding dresses AND I kinda get queasy being at the center of attention, never mind in a gorgeous gown, on a pedestal, lol! Now I’ve realized how special that moment was - we’re all in different cities and I’m not sure if all those lovely ladies in my life will be in the same room again before the actual wedding! So thank you for making that possible ❤️ All that to say I’d love to work with you to create my dress!”

So that’s how it started, and when Linda came back for her first real appointment in January, she decided on Desert Rose. A few days later, she threw me a little curve…Drew was going to wear a kilt for the ceremony, and then change into a tux for the reception. So, if the groom was going to have a wardrobe change, then of course the bride had to as well! Back to the salon, where Linda fell in love with another brand new wedding dress, Santorini, which she chose for her ceremony gown. The colorful beaded floral bodice complimented Drew’s traditional Scottish kilt, and Linda felt like the dress really expressed her personality.

As for the reception gown, Desert Rose was a perfect choice for dancing (another curve, “Oh, by the way, I need to be able to do a cartwheel in the gown for our first dance routine!”) and meant she didn’t have to say goodbye to the original dress that she fell in love with. We added a custom layer of sparkles underneath the embroidery for a touch of evening glamour, and a back slit to make sure her cartwheel would happen without a hitch – or a rip! So, two dresses to create, and just 4 months until the wedding…no problem!

For more details and photos from the wedding, pick up the issue of PEOPLE on newsstands Friday, May 18, and watch PeopleTV’s exclusive special, People Weddings: Drew Scott and Linda Phan

Through it all, Linda was a dream client. She and Drew are an amazing, adorable couple. Kind, generous, family-focused and genuine. Linda remained calm and so sweet through the whole process, even while under the pressures that every bride faces in addition to a pretty busy filming and travel schedule. I’m so happy to have been a part of their special day!

The very last curve? Could you come by the house and sew microphones into the gowns, because we’re filming a wedding special, and Linda will need to wear a mic, and the dresses are sheer…and we leave for Italy tomorrow?! Of course, no problem! Congratulations Drew and Linda, so much love to you both!

Property Brothers: Linda & Drew Say I Do premieres June 2 at 9/8c on TLC

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Martha Clouse
Martha Clouse

Congratulations Linda and Drew! I am glad I got to cry through their wedding.

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