Kendall Chase in Memoriam

You always hear people say that nothing is promised; the future is not guaranteed, and life is short. And although we know these things, when I learned that my beautiful bride Kendall was gone, I was devastated. The loss of someone so young, so full of life and love is heartbreaking, and my deepest condolences go to Kendall's family and friends, and most especially to her wife of just 8 months, Katie. Kendall Chase in Claire Pettibone Moonlight Rose Wedding Dress Kendall Chase in Claire Pettibone Moonlight Rose Wedding Dress As I’ve been absorbing this loss over the last few days, I feel first of all, so grateful to have met Kendall, and honored to have been the one to dress her for her wedding. She was beautiful inside and out. I’m grateful for the love, the joy, the epic dancing, and laughter that this couple shared. I get to know my brides over the months that we spend together creating and fitting their gowns, and one thing I know for sure, is that Kendall married the love of her life. Kendall and Katie exchange vows Kendall and Katie ceremony Kendall and Katie vow exchange Kendall and Katie kiss Kendall and Katie Mrs & Mrs. Kendall and Kate celebrate Kendall celebration Like a Prayer Flashmob Kendall, as you can see from these photos, was a light. And she shared that beautiful spirit with everyone who knew her. I can't bring myself to post all of the moments of our sweet bride laughing, dancing, and celebrating with her friends and family - it's just too much. But this wedding video is, and will always be, an all-time favorite. It is literally pure LOVE and joy. And even though watching it now breaks my heart, it still somehow gives me hope. I had been saving Kendall and Katie‘s gorgeous beach wedding to share this summer, and planned to publish it in our next magazine. I was looking through this beautiful couple’s photos, planning out social posts, and reliving this amazing wedding, when I received the devastating news that Kendall had been killed in a horrible car crash just a few days ago. And so now it is with a broken heart that I write this tribute to Kendall. My days are usually filled with happy brides, beautiful weddings, and the promise of the future. But life is sometimes filled with tragedy and loss and grief too...and maybe that's what makes those joyful moments even more precious. I hope the universe is wrapping her wife Katie up in love, and that these beautiful memories will one day bring her peace. Thank you Kendall, for sharing your light with us all...the world misses you dearly.  Kendall and Katie Kiss

Photography: Paige Jones
Photography: Xiema Zermeno
Videographer: Angel Zapien Cinema Touch


What a complete shock I was in when I read about what happened to Kendall. I didn’t personally know Kendall and Kate. However,I felt like I knew them, especially Kendall…She actually responded to a remark I made to her on Facebook. Kendall was modeling some clothing and I commented that she could even make a burlap sack look good!! She wrote back,“Bring it”!!! What a real person!! Well, Kendall is now in her glorified body and I am sure she is “making it look good”!!Rest in peace Kendall. Thank you for touching my life!

Judy Wagner December 30, 2022

Oh, my gosh. What a devastating loss. I received your tribute email and came here to read the story behind it. How very unfair, how shocking and sad. What a gorgeous woman, gorgeous couple and beautiful wedding. My condolences to all of Kendall’s loved ones. May she Rest In Peace.

Kimberly LeGrand June 11, 2022

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