It's A Surprise Wedding!

It's A Surprise Wedding!

The guests were all invited to a christening of two little sisters...little did they know, they would also be celebrating the wedding of mom & dad! Only two of their friends were in on the secret, and even the bride's own mom was surprised. Beautiful Katie put on her Victoriana gown in a secluded back room, pulled her mom aside to share the news, and then they let the guests know right before our bride walked down the aisle. I'm not crying...are you? Mother of bride wiping tears before wedding Wedding Dress and baby dresses before wedding Babies in flower girl dresses Bride entering chapel for wedding ceremony Bride and Groom taking wedding vows Bride walking with Father into the wedding ceremony Bride and Groom laughing together after wedding ceremony Bride and Groom kiss after wedding vows. First things first, the wedding of Katie and Josh. The bride wore our vintage inspired Victoriana gown, which she found with one of our UK stockists, Serendipity Brides, and it just suited her perfectly. Intricate details to compliment the ornate Church of All Saints, Churchill...the Guipure lace motif almost mirrors the arched leaded glass windows perfectly! The strapless sheath made for a stunning bride, and fitted to perfection, she was able to truly enjoy her day, carry those little ones, dance with her new husband, and truly be IN all of these precious moments. The church (and our pretty bride) was adorned with florals by Perkins Florist, and following the couple's vows, it was time for the christening. Priest pours water for christening Bride wearing Victoriana by Claire Pettibone during wedding ceremony Bride and Groom holding their babies after ceremony Bride with Baby Bride and Groom seated and listening the officiant Groom and Bride leaving wedding chapel with babies in arms Bride and Groom walking with babies After the ceremonies, our beautiful couple had to sneak off for some photos of just the two of them...and wow, how gorgeous are these two captured by the lens of Rebecca Walters?! They've been together since 2013, have two precious daughters, and now, they have this gorgeous wedding day to look back on and remember always. Sometimes a bride-to-be will say in the early planning stages, that they've been together as a couple for so long, that a wedding feels irrelevant. I beg to differ. Taking time out to dress up, recite heartfelt vows, invite all of your loved ones to be witness to your's a powerful and beautiful thing. We have so few rituals left in our modern lives, but don't underestimate the impact that a wedding still has. And once the day finally arrives, any doubts simply vanish in the beauty and magic of the day. Bride and Groom walking Bride in Victoriana by Claire Pettibone Bride and Groom posing for wedding portrait viel blowing Black and white photo of bride and groom walking after wedding ceremony Groom holding bride and kissing Bride and Groom Walking in celebration venue Black and white bride and groom walking together Bride and Groom Walking in front of wedding venue celebration tents Bride wearing sunglasses And now, on to the celebrations at Daylesford Farm. Organic food, a gorgeous tented garden, and music to keep the party going with Big Gospel Choir who performed at the church as well. By the way, our bride chose a "wrist loop" to carry the train of her dress. This is an alternative to a bustle, where the back of the gown is pinned up to keep it from dragging on the ground for the reception. The wrist loop can be done also as a finger loop, and some of our brides will opt for this, or even choose this as well as a bustle, so they have both options to manage their trains after the ceremony and couple's portraits. As you can see, Katie had a blast dancing, and looked so pretty showing off the elaborate scalloped lace train of her dress. Bride and Groom dance while holding babies a wedding party Floral decorations at wedding party venue door entry Wedding drinks for the party with floral decorations Bride and Groom Dancing slowly Bride is held by groom Groom daddy and baby girl walking in field Bride and Groom photos with babies after wedding Bride mommy and Groom daddy with baby girlsCongratulations to this sweet little family. I'm so happy for the four of you, and I know that these memories will mean so much to you and your children as you grow together. Cheers to a lifetime of love. Black and white of bride and groom in open field with clouds in sky Black and white photo of family after wedding

Dress: Victoriana by Claire Pettibone
Stockist: Serendipity Brides
Photographer: Rebecca Walters
Ceremony Venue: Kingham Churches All Saints, Churchill
Flowers At Ceremony Venue: Perkins
Gospel Choir: Big Gospel Choir
Celebration Venue: Daylesford Farm
Flowers At Celebration Venue: Daylesford Farm
Bride: @katiewinters19

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