Introducing The Three Graces

Introducing The Three Graces

When I began designing new dresses for this season, I felt a desire to create a collection that would take your breath away...that would be eternally a work of ART. And so, here they are...The Three Graces. Claire Pettibone Coture Bridal Dress The Three Graces Lace Wedding Dress Grace by Claire Pettibone Lace Sleeve Wedding Dress Grace by Claire Pettibone Wedding dress and Bolero Jacke by Claire Pettibone Daughters of Zeus and Hera, the three graces bestow their gifts of charm, beauty and creativity on humanity. They have been painted and sculpted throughout the ages by masters including Botticelli, Raphael, Rubens and Canova to name a few. Given the times we're living in, and the fact that Bridal Market is still being held virtually rather than in-person, I started off with the idea of just 3 dresses. But as inspiration took hold, and as I fell into the joy of creating again after so many months in isolation, those three turned into five. Colorful embroidered wedding dress Venus by Claire Pettibone Venus colorful embroidered wedding dress by Claire Pettibone In Botticelli's famous painting, "Primavera", the 3 graces are depicted alongside Venus at the center of the garden, and Chloris and Flora off to the side, so of course, what garden would be complete without them? Flora Roses embroidered wedding dress by Claire Pettibone Flora by Claire Pettibone wedding dress Wedding Dress detail of Flora by Claire Pettibone Bridal Gown Sleeve detail Chloris by Claire Pettibone Chloris bridal gown by Claire Pettibone I believe more than ever in the power of love and art to inspire us. Through it all, my brides have kept me inspired, and although it might sound cliché, it really IS an absolute privilege and joy to share my heart with my brides through my creations. Even in times of isolation, we can take comfort knowing that the goddesses are with us, reminding us of beauty and joy, and inviting us to come dance with them...and I for one, am READY for that party! Thalia Bolero wedding dress by Claire PettiboneThis dream came together with the collaboration of some amazing fellow artists, and it was an absolute joy to create this beautiful campaign with them.

Dresses: Thalia + Grace + Chloris + Flora + Venus by Claire Pettibone
Bolero: Botticelli by Claire Pettibone
Photography: @lucymunozphotography⁠
Makeup Artist: @tanyabures for @pagebeauty
Hair Stylist: for @pagebeauty
Hair Pieces: @twigsandhoney
Videography: @love_is_wed⁠
Florals: @letaverbena⁠
Venue: @eventslrg⁠


Debra Radford
Debra Radford

So exceptionally beautiful 💕🌸💕🌸💕


Stunning as usual!

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