Introducing The Four Seasons Couture Collection

Introducing The Four Seasons Couture Collection

The 2017 dresses are beginning to make their way into the world, traveling on trunk shows, and over the next weeks, I’ll share some of my inspiration for these gowns inspired by the beauty of the seasons, which led me to the illustrations by Alphonse Mucha of the Art Nouveau period. I created dresses inspired by each of nature’s four seasons with lots of floral motifs, touches of color, and as always, dramatic backs and feminine details.

As part of my Four Seasons collection, fall made me think of rich textures and warm glimmers of precious metals woven into embroideries and laces. There is a mystery about Autumn, and a rich beauty in the changing of the seasons.

It always starts with the fabric for me, and this dress named Amber has to be seen up close to truly appreciate the rose gold and iridescent threads that have been re-embroidered onto the ecru lace. I love the contrast between the organic subtlety of vintage lace, and the luxurious, shimmer of the metallic. As if Autumn fairies found this human treasure, and then asked their spider friends to spin some magic! My 9 year old daughter just left a lock of her hair in hopes that her personal fairy would visit her on the eve of the full moon with a gift, so yes, fairies are alive and well in our house!

At the same time I was designing the dresses, my jewelry partners Trumpet & Horn, asked me to create a Couture Collection of rings. Taking inspiration from the brilliant stones they gave me to choose from, I selected a rich assortment of precious and very rare gems. The engagement ring is such a romantic expression of love, and I think it is so thoughtful and special when this ring is unique, and maybe a bit unexpected. Perhaps a particular color holds a special meaning, or a setting just speaks to her style. These engagement rings fit right into the fall vibe, but of course are stunning all year-round!

Shop the Claire Pettibone ring collection for Trumpet & Horn here.

Creating looks to epitomize the season they represent, while maintaining the versatility to be worn by brides for any time of year, was a fascinating challenge. I love that each season has a very defined mood, although I believe a dress from spring could certainly be worn for a fall wedding, and a winter gown could be perfect for a summer soiree. I think of this collection as an inspirational starting point, and leave it to the creativity and individual personalities of my brides to make these dresses their own.

View the new collection and meet the Designer at the trunk show at the Flagship Salon at the Castle! The Four Seasons Couture Collection will debut on December 2-3. The Atelier Couture Gowns will be previewed the following weekend, on December 9-10.

Trunk shows are by appointment only and space is limited. To reserve a time, please click here. See you soon!

Claire Pettibone Flagship Couture Preview | December 2-3
Claire Pettibone Flagship Atelier Preview | December 9-10

7415 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036 • 310-360-6268

Shop the Claire Pettibone ring collection for Trumpet & Horn here.

Photographer Spring: Kayla Barker / Photographer Summer: Judy Pak / Photographer Fall: Dan O’Day / Photographer Winter: Sarah Kate / Photographer Jewelry: Sawyer Baird / Event Design: Type A Society / Floral Styling: The Southern Table  / Hair: Ted Gibson / Makeup:  Kevyn Aucoin


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I adore the Amber dress here. Is it still available?

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