Coming Soon<br />Versailles Atelier Bridal in Utah

Coming Soon<br />Versailles Atelier Bridal in Utah

We're so excited to announce that later this summer, our collection will be found in the beautiful Versailles Atelier Bridal salon in South Jordan, Utah. A long time dream of owner Natasha, with encouragement from her husband Sean, the couple opened their bridal boutique in October of 2020, and will soon be carrying the Claire Pettibone collection. They visited us here at The Castle to pick out their favorite dresses to introduce to their brides, so here's a peek at what's coming soon! Wedding Dress on Display Claire Pettibone Store Bordeaux Boho Style Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone Lace Cap-Sleeve Detail Bordeaux Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone Shenandoah Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone Wedding Dress by Claire Pettibone Lace Sleeve Detail Shenandoah Wedding Long Sleeve Dress by Claire PettibonePhotos: Feather & Stone
Santa Monica Wedding Capelette by Claire Pettibone Santa Monica Wedding Dress Santa Monica Wedding Dress and Wedding CapelettePhotos: Allison Kuhn
Some of their (and our) favorite styles will be arriving this summer. For brides looking for dreamy romance with a laid-back vibe, off-the-shoulder Bordeaux mermaid, long sleeve Shenandoah sheath, and sparkling sequin Santa Monica are stunning lace options. Timeless, yet unique, these Romantique dresses have just the right touch of bohemian chic with a splash of classic sophistication. Not too casual, not too dressy - just right for those nature-loving outdoor weddings. Eloise Lace Wedding Dress with Blue Silk and Shenandoah Long Sleeve Wedding Dress Eloise Wedding Dress with blue silk by Claire Pettibone Lace covered buttons Eloise by Claire PettibonePhotos: Kelle Sauer
The Eloise strapless lace gown from the Timeless collection has one of the most unique and romantic laces I've ever seen! And for a truly unique touch, she's lined in blue silk. You can of course opt for an ivory lining, which is lovely too, but somehow, we find that this particular shade looks gorgeous on every skin tone, and even brides who never thought of wearing a blue wedding dress are smitten with Eloise...maybe it's those blue silk covered buttons down the back? They're hard to resist! Primavera Wedding Dress with Enchanged Rose Bridal Cape Enchanted Rose bridal Cape Primavera wedding dress Bride with Groom in Tuxedo on desert lake bed Primavera wedding dress Bride with Groom in Tuxedo on desert lake bed Wedding foral bouquet Bride holding Enchanted Rose bridal capePhotos: Jacie Marguerite
And it wouldn't be the Claire Pettibone collection without florals, lace, and a touch of color! Primavera, just like her goddess namesake, really does make the flowers bloom in her footsteps. Even in this barren desert, she's bringing all the lushness of an idyllic garden. French embroidery in shades of sage and dusty rose on the bodice, and champagne flowers adorn the skirt and sheer long sleeves. Lined in the softest champagne silk, this Couture gown is the epitome of a floral wedding dress. Bride in Odessa by Claire Pettibone holding wedding bouquet Back detail of Odessa by Claire Pettibone Bride in Odessa by Claire Pettibone holding wedding bouquet Photos: Sean Thomas
Wedding Dress Odessa by Claire PettibonePhotos: Kelle Sauer
Speaking of one-of-a-kind, our Odessa gown, with her trailing flowers, has so many possibilities. Sheer midriff and strapless, lined in nude to give the illusion of sheer, lined in ivory for full coverage. Floral applique straps, or even long sleeves - we can't wait to make the next versions of this beauty! Natasha, Owner, Versailles Atelier BridalNatasha, Owner, Versailles Atelier Bridal
All of our gowns can be customized. And with our diverse Utah brides, this is something we are happy to offer. Since Natasha has such great expertise in bridal construction, it's easy for us to work hand in hand to design special necklines and sleeves for our modest brides. Rather than just adding on to an existing dress, we will make a custom pattern to each bride's specifications. The end result is a wedding gown that's every bit as beautiful as the original design, but a one-of-a-kind wedding dress. Get ready Utah brides, and book those appointments at Versailles Atelier Bridal to find your dream Claire Pettibone gown! Bride and Groom in desert lake bedPhotos: Jacie Marguerite

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