Blooming from Within

Blooming from Within

When I first came across these photos by Coco Fleur featuring my Dakota gown, I was instantly mesmerized...I just had to know more. The artistry and style of this chinoiserie inspired shoot holds a kind of contrasting stillness and wildness, and feels like a glimpse into a very personal story. As it turns out, it is. Our model, and soon-to-be-bride Midori, explains that this session focuses on exploring her heritage and meeting herself again. She was born in China and raised in Japan, so she wanted to celebrate her very beautiful cultures through these images. And as we tip-toe into the new month, I can't imagine more fitting inspiration to remind us all to reflect on who we are, and who we want to be in this world. Styling this beautiful shoot, Aya Wedding chose our Dakota gown. Made from soft gold and ivory lace in a very unique and stunning motif, the dress is trimmed with Guipure lace scrolls and floral straps. The soft mermaid style has an elaborate scalloped hem and sweep train which can be easily bustled to keep the gown light and easy. This low back beauty has been discontinued, but if she's calling your name, we can still make one for you by special request! Or if you'd like a Ready-to-Wear option, we also have a short version called Jonquil that you can order online. Perfect for rehearsal dinners, bridal brunches, showers, or any of the wedding related events in your could even wear it to attend a wedding! As our model welcomes this wild foliage, Birds of Paradise, and floral art by Dodo Tokyo, and becomes encapsulated by nature framing her face, I can't help but see these images as symbolism for growth, not only around us, but allowing our very selves to continuously expand and change as nature does every season. And just as nature, or a dream, can instantly change the scenery, we explore another side of this beauty with this work-of-art makeup by Ai Satomi. This shoot sparks a sense of curiosity, wonder, and delicacy. It's refined while embracing the beautiful mosaic of nature's colors and textures; I truly appreciate the artistry from this team of creatives, and thank you Midori for sharing this personal story with us. She'll be wearing a Claire Pettibone gown for her wedding, and plans on a similar theme for her wedding day (I can't wait!). So many couples are blending cultures and traditions, and maybe because they are a bit unexpected and unique, they are some of my favorites. It may require a bit more thought and care to tell a cohesive story, but when we expand our minds and our creativity, the results can be extraordinary. Let's all continue to bloom from within so that we can create beauty and peace alongside one another.


Bride Model: @_tm_wd
Photographer: @cocofleur_wedding
Planner: @aya___wedding
Hair & MU: @ai.satomi_h.m
Florals: @dodo_tokyo

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