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June 26th, 2012 – 7 Comments


I’ve been art-directing photo shoots even before we started our business, and in those years, I’ve
worked with a lot of photographers. But every now and then I’m privileged to see a real artist at work.
Elizabeth Messina has a soul and talent that shine through in her images, and stand out in a sea of
photography. I knew her photos long before we met. She had been photographing my dresses and
lingerie for various magazines, and one day, she just called me out of the blue…”Hi, this is Elizabeth
Messina, and I love your work…I think we should meet” So the rest is kind of history…I sent her gowns
for her workshop in France, she photographed my lingerie collections, I created a French inspired Beau
Monde bridal collection, so naturally, who did I think of to photograph our campaign?


It is one thing to capture actual emotional moments (as she does so brilliantly for the lucky couples who
book her for their weddings) but what makes Elizabeth so remarkable, is that she is able to “create”
moments on a set that convey a real mood and feeling. Part of it is her technical skill, part is her warm
energy that brings out the best in her subjects, and the third part is pure magic…that thing that others
try to imitate but it just comes out flat. She so perfectly captures the genuine beauty that I also strive
to share with the world, and every time I send her pieces to photograph, I can’t wait to see the dreamy
images that come back! As she once said, “my camera wants to date your lingerie!” well, my gowns
want to MARRY Elizabeth!

Her new book, The Luminous Portrait, will give everyone a bit of insight and ideas for creating their own magic. I’m so proud and honored to have some of my designs featured in this gorgeous book, and can’t wait for our next collaboration!

The Luminous Portrait, by Elizabeth Messina available on Amazon.

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  • Dana

    elizabeth is amazing! i had the privilege of learning from her & seeing how she works at her workshop in France & it was a beautiful experience! you two together definitely make magic!!! xo

  • Jackie

    So inspiring to see the result of two true artists. Gorgeous images, exceptionally kind words, all deserving and beautifully presented.

  • Julie Renee

    I love when my favorite dress designer and my favorite wedding photographer decide to mingle. Everybody wins.

    Thank you for writing this sweet tribute to a woman who is so incredibly talented and inspiring.

  • Eliana Posada

    Just beautiful! Amazing pictures!!!

  • Monica Dart

    What a lovely article about one of the most inspiring and humble artists of our time. Really beautifully written, and one thing is for sure, Elizabeth creates magic.

  • Paula Franco

    She is so talented to create images full of love and magic! She deserves all the best!!

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