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May 21st, 2012 – 9 Comments

What a status update!

Saturday, May 19th was my daughter’s 5th Birthday, so we took her on her first visit to Disneyland. Out
all day, enjoying her delight meeting princesses, and all that wonderful 5 year-old-girl stuff, finished
up with the fireworks spectacular and crawled back to our hotel around 10:30pm. My husband Guy is
checking the day’s news on his phone while I am about to drift off…”HONEY! Mark Zuckerberg…the
Facebook guy” yeah? “He got married today, and the bride…the bride…the bride…” Yeah? WHAT?!!
“She’s wearing your gown, look!”

Yes, that is Sky Between the Branches, wow……..OMG WOW!!! Do you think my publicist is
awake? It’s Saturday night 11:30, I’m texting her! The news spread like wildfire, and since the Associated
Press broke the story, and no one had the designer info, they just said the bride wore “a traditional
white gown”. LOL, that’s the first time I’ve been called traditional!

Anyway, the word is out that yes, I designed her gown, and then we had to figure out where she bought
it. We ruled out our flagship, and the obvious next stop would be Marina Morrison who carries our
collection in San Francisco…no record of a Priscilla Chan. Then on to Kleinfeld in NY, finally we decide to
check every single order for Sky going back 12 months. Bingo! Bride’s name: Pricilla Taun, wedding date:
May 19th. That’s got to be her! Call Little White Dress in Denver, CO and yes, they remember her, it was
all kind of suspicious, she had an assistant handle everything and didn’t use her real name.

What a smart girl! Managed to marry one of the most famous billionaires on the planet, and still keep
her wedding private, genuine, and beautiful. That’s my girl! I am beyond thrilled she chose one of my
designs, and other than the billionaire thing, she really is quite typical of my brides. Smart, sophisticated,
knows what she wants, and not afraid to show her personal style. I think she looked amazing, and wish
the couple all the happiness in the world that money CAN’T buy. I think their choice to keep the wedding
low key and personal shows they have their hearts in the right place…AND he married his college
sweetheart who has been with him from the beginning…you’ve gotta “like” that!

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