Touch of Color

Who says you can’t get a wedding gown with a touch of color? Shades of champagne, gold, silver, dusty rose, and (gasp!) even black can make for a truly unique and unforgettable wedding gown. While a true lover of all things romantic, for Claire, that doesn’t have to mean a strict set of rules. She has found a way to meld a love of tradition with a modern sense of style, to result in some breath-taking colored wedding dresses.

Q: How and where are the dresses made?

A: The laces, embroideries and trimmings for the collection are sourced from the world’s finest couture mills. Coming from an artistic background, one of Claire’s favorite parts of the process is designing the fabrics. Many of our lace and embroidery houses are in their 4th, 5th, and in one case, 9th generation of family owned businesses. The Claire Pettibone design, production, and corporate staff are housed under one lovely roof, called The Castle, which is a historic Los Angeles landmark built in 1928. Once our fabrics arrive, each gown is cut and sewn one-by-one by our talented craftspeople here at the castle. The history behind these gorgeous fabrics and the artisan craftsmanship being handed down through generations is rare in our disposable world, and we take great pride in doing our part to continue this legacy.

Here are just a few of our gorgeous real, and styled brides.

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