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Real Brides: Betty S Patterson in Lucien

April 22nd, 2011 – Comment

Photographer: Bliss Wedding Studio // Gown: Lucien (discontinued) // Salon: Claire Pettibone Flagship

John and I met at Berkeley during our freshman year and became best friends instantly. We began dating during our second year in school and had a very special connection that just could not be explained, especially at such a young age. After dating for two years, under circumstances beyond our control…we had to part ways and move on to finish school in different states. Our hearts were broken. It wasn’t until eight years later that we were able to reconnect… we were just in the right place and it was the right time…we decided to give ‘us’ a try again—and this time it would be forever!

I knew I wanted to have an outdoor wedding. When we started searching for a venue, we came across the Temecula Creek Inn. Temecula is about an hour and a half southeast of Los Angeles. It wouldn’t be a true destination wedding, but just a bit of a drive. It was so worth it though! Temecula is truly a beautiful place. The Temecula Creek Inn had a beautiful open area on its property with a historic ‘Stonehouse’ that used to be a sleeping quarters for miners in the 1800’s. The building had been restored for events such as weddings. It was going to be the perfect backdrop–rustic and beautiful.

Like many brides-to-be, I began searching for a wedding dress by looking in magazines. My mom and I flipped through dozens of them together. On one of the days we were perusing magazines, she called me over to look at a dress. It was just amazing—I had never seen anything like it. The dress was the Lucien gown by Claire Pettibone. It had the perfect amount of vintage, romantic, and lace. I called the salon in Beverly Hills to inquire about the dress. They unfortunately informed me that they were not making that particular dress anymore. The dress in the magazine was made for an editorial photo shoot. There was only one sample dress and it was in a size 2 or 4 for a runway model that was 5 foot 10 inches. Well, I definitely could not wear that dress; I’m 5 foot 3 inches!

I pleaded with Cynthia at the boutique about possibly having one made for me. She said that she would ask Claire and get back to me! I was on pins and needles waiting to hear back from her for a little over two weeks. I continued searching for other dress options online and in magazines. I never went to a bridal salon or any other boutique to try on any dresses. I finally heard back from Cynthia and she said that there was just enough fabric and lace to make one more dress! Oh, joy—I couldn’t believe it—one more just for me. As long as it was a size 8 or less, it could be done! I was a size 6! It was definitely meant to be.

I went into the Claire Pettibone salon to be measured and then paid for my beautiful dress that I had never seen in person. I was a little nervous that I was never able to try on a sample of my dress or any other dress for that matter. I just knew there was only the one gown for me. Ten months after placing my order, I finally picked it up. It really was everything I hoped for. Everyone said that my dress was absolutely beautiful and that they had never seen a wedding dress like it. Thank you for making the dress of my dreams Claire Pettibone!

Thank you Betty for sharing your dreamy and whimsical wedding with us! We are so happy that the Lucien gown worked out perfectly for you – it truly was meant to be! Congratulations again and all the best to you and John!

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