Events: Beverly Hills Trunk Show

June 4th, 2009 – 1 Comment

The collection is back home for a moment before we head out to Colorado later this month. I am looking forward to meeting our west coast girls this Saturday at our Flagship Salon on Robertson Blvd. Cynthia, our salon manager, is so warm and wonderful, we always have a great time helping our brides find the perfect gown. I will be at the salon Saturday June 6th to offer my suggestions. I often give my brides a special gift when I meet them at a trunk show…like a custom hem length for free, or add a strap, or other custom touches that make the gown just that much more “you”.

Please give Cynthia a call to book your appointment, as the schedule is filling up! 310-360-6268

See you Saturday!

Musings: Post Trunk Show

May 28th, 2009 – 4 Comments

Just back from a great Trunk Show in NY at Kleinfeld. It’s always so much fun visiting the staff there who feel like family, and having the chance to meet such beautiful brides-to-be. Our Bridal Director Moreen, made her first visit with me, and we both were excited to see so many brides, each with their own look and style…they’re an inspiration!

Our “Silvia” bride looked like she just stepped out of the 1920’s (but in a modern way) with her pretty bob hair, and porcelain skin…we are doing a custom cage veil for her with the Baby’s Breath edging…perfect!

Another beauty selected “Forget-me-not” and when she walked out in this gown, wow! She looked great in some other dresses, but this really was unforgettable! Couldn’t be a more perfect choice for her island wedding.

Our “Lalique” bride initially came in for “Princess”, but made the switch, because for her, Lalique was more womanly and showed off her hourglass figure. We chose the Vintage Vine veil in ivory for the finishing touch.

The stunning “Chantilly” gown was amazing on a tall, beautiful girl who came in with her mom. The sheer back and intricate beading won them both over, and adding the Vintage Vine veil completes the look.

Kristene” was the choice for another beauty, and we decided the Vintage Vine in the waterfall style was perfect here too…this veil seems to go with every gown in the collection!

A sweet girl from LA (but now living in NY) chose the “Cloisonné” gown with the train. This is one of my favorites, and I am so happy for her and her adorable fiancée! Don’t worry, we didn’t let him see her in the dress, but he waited patiently in the lobby while she made her choice…I’m sure he will be thrilled!

A lovely young artist chose “Larissa”, and she said it is the gown she has been dreaming of…how great is that?!

Petite girls should always look for a gown that compliments their frame…what a shame when I see them being swallowed up in a ball gown! A little wood nymph (petite, dark curls, adorable!) chose “Kaelyn”…what a perfect choice, a gown as delicate as she is.

And a pale strawberry blonde chose “Lucia” with the Baby’s Breath veil. Fair skinned girls have to be careful to choose the right shade of dress to give them a pretty glow. The subtle sparkle and hints of pale gold and silver are gorgeous with her coloring.

These are just a few of the wonderful women I met, and I thank them for wearing my collection with such style and beauty. Now it’s on to my West coast girls next weekend at our Flagship Salon June 5 & 6…can’t wait to see you there!

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Musings: Myspace Rock n Roll Bride

May 21st, 2009 – 8 Comments


We are very excited to be part of the very first online wedding planning process over at myspace. The Knot and team has selected Claire Pettibone as the feature wedding designer for Elle! Last Saturday, the myspace crew and Elle came to our salon in Beverly Hills for a fitting. It was a success and 3 gowns were chosen: 

This strapless beaded sheath with tulle bubble overlay was lovely on Elle, however, she didn’t prefer the strapless silhouette. Some bride’s are set on strapless, and love the classic elegance, but Elle felt she would be tugging and fussing with it (never pretty!). Of the 3 choices, this is the most ethereal, romantic gown, and while we have many sweet brides who fall in love with Twilight, this gown may not be “the one” for Elle. 

This natural cotton embroidered mini looked amazing on Elle! She loved the short style (even though she had never thought of it before!), and felt she could dance all night, and have a great time in this gown. It really flattered her figure and would be a perfect fit for her personality too…bubbly, fun, and a little unpredictable! 

A collective gasp was heard when Elle walked out in this stunning antique embroidered sheath. The touches of amethyst jewels on the straps (a must for Elle!), the dramatic low back with a plum and black rose, gives her just a touch of mystery and edge that so perfectly suits her rock n’ roll style! We love this gown on Elle, and she looks amazing in it! 

Now it’s up to you to decide which gown Elle should wear on that big day! Check out the latest episode and vote! Don’t forget to add us as a friend too!

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Musings: Married on Myspace

May 20th, 2009 – Comment

Welcome to the 21st century of reality TV shows and wedding planning! Myspace recently teamed up with The Knot to give away a free wedding to a lucky twosome! The cute couple, Elle & Tito have been selected last week as the winner and now we can tune in each week as they reveal new wedding plans for the couple – the exciting part is that we get to be part of their planning process by voting. We here are all excited to watch the latest episode tomorrow (1pm pst) as they announce the wedding dresses and veils!

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Musings: Veil Recognition

May 20th, 2009 – Comment

Our friends over at D Weddings Editorial started a new bridal blog focusing on newsworthy info for the Dallas brides – Bridal Buzz and mentioned our new line of veils coming out this summer!

Thank you D Weddings for the love, we enjoy reading your magazine as much as you love our couture gowns and now our veils!

If you haven’t checked out Claire Pettibone’s new line of veils, you can visit them at our bridal page.

My favorite is Bouquet of Roses and her other various sizes in this style. I’d love to drape myself in a romantic waterfall of ivory roses and french laces!

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