Real Brides: Elizabeth Sater in Fontenelle

March 18th, 2011 – Comment

We are really excited to share these photos of our beautiful bride, Elizabeth in her Trash the Dress photo session that had us in awe the moment we saw it.  Not only was this a gorgeous destination wedding in Fiji, the couple looked wonderful, happy and in love.

Photographer: Jenny Grise of Grise Photography // Dress: Fontenelle (discontinued) // Salon: Kleinfeld

It is often said that many brides know exactly what they want for their wedding day, but I honestly didn’t.  All I hoped for was the opportunity to wear one of your gowns on a private island in a tropical paradise.  As luck would have it, that came true:  I was married on Castaway Island, Fiji in the ‘ever so lovely’ Fontenelle gown on May 15, 2010.

After I got engaged, I was certain: if I could afford it, I would be wearing Juliet on my wedding day.  As I walked into Kleinfeld Bridal in NYC and told them to bring me every gown possible by Claire Pettibone, I wasn’t disappointed when my sister and girlfriends told me that Juliet wasn’t the one.  The tears in their eyes, as I tried on the Fontenelle gown convinced me that there was no other dress for me.  I have never felt more beautiful in my life.  I have received so many emails stating: in all their lives, they’ve never seen such a beautiful gown.

In adding something new to my wedding attire: I found a vintage ribbon from Italy that complimented the fabrics so perfectly, it was almost as if the ribbon was from your own collection.  I wanted the pictures to show the gown swaying in the wind by the beach, but didn’t want to have a train or veil.  I got the idea to hang the ribbon from the flower on the back of gown from your Larissa gown.  It worked beautifully!

The wedding just fell into place after picking our location and finding the perfect gown.  We wanted paradise all around us and we wanted our guests to take an adventure that they would remember forever.  A 13 hour plane ride from LAX and a 2 hour boat ride later, we had a total of 28 people (including my two photographers and my 82 year old grandmother).  At one moment on the night of the rehearsal dinner, my fiance and I looked down the long black table-clothed table, filled with sparkling candles, and then we looked back at each other in amazement, as we simply couldn’t believe all these people had traveled this far to share our special day with us.  It was surreal.

On the day of our wedding, everything happened so fast.  I had meticulously planned every single event, detail, decoration, flower, color (green, pink, whites), etc. over the past year; I even shipped glass vases to the island.  I centered everything around the dress, as I’d hoped for the dress to be the absolute center of attention.  I didn’t want any of the colors to overpower the dress.  It was very difficult planning a wedding without seeing anything. Although my ideas seemed great, I had no idea if they would look great, altogether.  I wish there was a picture of my face, as I walked into our cocktail event and reception area.  It was a complete fairy tale.  Our guests were so amazed and impressed with the final presentation.  The staff at Castaway Island said that the only thing missing were the magical fairies themselves.

Elizabeth mentioned that it was a difficult decision to do the shoot, but felt rewarded after seeing the photos. She gladly assured us after taking the dress to a cleaner it is still in great shape!

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your gorgeous Trash the Dress photos, and congrats to you & and your hubby!

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Real Brides: Nicole Kramer in Kristene

February 28th, 2011 – 3 Comments

Here’s a peek at the joyful party (wedding!) of our gorgeous bride Nicole Kramer in New Orleans. How much fun are they having?! Makes me smile just looking at these beautiful photos, and we send the happy couple hugs and kick-up-your-heels dances for years to come.

Photography: Sandra O’Claire // Dress: Kristene // Salon: Kleinfeld

Our wedding was magical. It was the best day of our lives. Pure joy and happiness. We chose New Orleans, not only because it is my groom’s hometown, but because of it’s character and romance. We felt as if we were on a movie set in an old black and white musical comedy.

When I saw my Claire Pettibone dress I knew it was the one. I have never felt so beautiful. Everyone kept saying it was the most gorgeous dress they had ever seen! My husband couldn’t take his eyes off me! We chose to get married in a hidden courtyard and dance through the streets afterwords with a traditional second line.The dress complimented the style and unique romance of New Orleans perfectly!

The love on that day was overflowing. It truly was what dreams are made of! Thank you Claire Pettibone for making my dream dress!!!

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Events Musings: Icing on the Cake

February 11th, 2011 – 4 Comments

It all begins with the dress…but just like a cake with no frosting, it’s in the final embellishments, the veil, the headpiece, the jewelry, that the full story is told. I love that moment…you’ve found the perfect gown that looks so beautiful and says all you want to say about who you are, and what this day means…and then, we add an antique veil, or a jeweled headpiece, and that’s when it really sinks in…you’re getting married, and the tears come.

I think it’s that culmination of beauty and joy amidst all of the nervousness and high expectations that cause this slightly overwhelming sensation. Once you see yourself as you are going to look on this day (of course even better with hair, make-up and a perfectly fitting gown!) it all comes into focus and you come back to the real reason you’ve been going through all this…why you’ve tried on so many dresses and have a binder full of swatches and tear-sheets and guest lists and menus…you have fallen in love with someone truly special, and are going to pledge your devotion and share your life.

This part of my job really is the “icing on the cake”. I absolutely love designing gowns. I love the fabrics, the flowers, the lace, the details, everything! But when I see those tears of joy and know that I have helped make a bride not only look breathtakingly beautiful, but that my work has actually touched her soul…well, it doesn’t get any better.

I invite you to see the inspired collection of headpieces from Enchanted Atelier for Claire Pettibone. We worked closely to create the perfect accents for your gown, and along with my signature embellished veils, we are sure to create some magic and put the Icing on the Cake!

Claire Pettibone Flagship Salon
236 S. Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA
Please call to schedule your appointment: 310-360-6268

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Events: Claire Pettibone & A Soolip Wedding

February 8th, 2011 – 2 Comments

Exciting news for soon-to-be brides (and grooms!) of Southern California. Claire Pettibone will be presenting her 2011 Bridal Gown collection along with a well-edited selection of décor, tastings and inspiration at A Soolip Wedding on March 6th at the Bel Air Bay Club. Claire will be part of the expert roundtable to offer the latest in bridal trends and suggestions for creating a personal and meaningful wedding celebration.

Be the first to discover our upcoming limited edition lingerie, Claire Pettibone Heirloom, as we present delicate treasures that will surely inspire you to begin planning your honeymoon!

Come share a wonderful Sunday with Claire, and get a first look at some wonderful ideas for your wedding day.

For tickets, please visit

Real Brides: Jessyca Henderson in Demetra

December 16th, 2010 – 1 Comment

Photographer: Scott Myers // Dress: Demetra // Salon: Claire Pettibone Flagship

Being surrounded by nostalgic scenery, loved ones, and the anticipation of a new addition to the family makes this wedding story the epitome of love in all its forms. We have the pleasure of exploring Jessyca’s beautiful wedding day this month. “Casey and I chose to have our destination wedding in New Orleans, in the historic Hermann-Grima House courtyard on October 10, 2009.” Looking at these photos you can instantly see and feel the close connection she and her husband share.

Little did this couple know, there was another marvelous suprise on the horizon. “When we started planning the wedding about eighteen months before, we had no idea we’d also be planning for a baby, and that made the festivities even sweeter.”

With the help of our bridal consultants, Jessyca felt that our Demetra dress would best suite her needs as an expectant mother. “I was surprised at how flattering the gown was – wearing a long white dress isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re pregnant!  The way the Demetra fell on my extra curvy body made me feel statuesque and graceful, exactly the way I wanted to feel on my wedding day..expecting or not!”

This dress features an ivory strapless French cotton lawn with silver and ivory embroidered tulle and cotton lace. Jessyca further elaborates, “…Demetra not only worked well as a maternity gown, but the simplicity and elegance of the cotton lace made me feel cool, comfortable, and elegant and it also fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the wedding.”

A few months later, Jessyca and Casey were graced with another blessing… “Our daughter Magnolia was born Christmas Day, 2009 –  in the warmth and peace of our home in Baltimore.” To celebrate their one year anniversary, the happily married couple returned with their daughter to New Orleans. Here they are now looking as wonderfully radiant as ever.

Thank you so much Jessyca for sharing your experiences with us. Your story was truly heart-warming. Best wishes to you, your husband Casey, and your adorable daughter Magnolia!

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