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December 17th, 2012 – 1 Comment

As some of you know, my latest collection entitled, “An Earthly Paradise” was inspired by the many paintings of Victorian-era artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. In my research, I pinned many of his lovely images to my walls, studied the titles of his pieces to name the dresses…I have an Alma, a Laurence, and a Devotion in the mix.

This morning my social media team asked if I was ready to resume posting. In light of the horrific tragedy that occurred on Friday, we took a break this weekend as we felt it would be inappropriate to share our latest accolades, or photos of joyful days while we are all morning such a loss.

As I was preparing a post for today, I thought, there must be a lovely image I can put with it. I remembered that in addition to his images of adults lounging about, and gorgeous marble and ocean scenery, there was one of a mother and child. I opened my book, looked up the painting titled “An Earthly Paradise” and saw this. Heart stops, tears streaming. I completely forgot that this was the painting. It wasn’t an image I referenced when creating the collection, but I thought the title so perfectly captured the mood I hoped to share. The painting was inspired by a quotation from Algernon Swinburne, “All the Heaven of Heavens in one little child”. There really are no more words.

This is not a place where I post political or personal statements, but before we go back to “normal” posting about loveliness and beauty and all things wonderful, I must pray that the sweet angels lost
inspire us to be better.

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  • Lauren Elise


    I have no idea if you will actually ever read this or see this post but I thought it would be worth a try. A few months ago I lived in Haiti, and by a few months I mean 8 exactly. I took care of a precious girl named Ella Grace. She was the most amazing inspiration for me in my writing, in my photography, and in my genuine understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord took me on an incredible journey of understanding the pure unadulterated Love of Christ that so infiltrates the joy and faith of children. I looked into Ella Grace’s precious eyes and knew that Jesus Christ had to be real, that our Father in Heaven had to be a GOOD GOD to create such pure, glass-like eyes that penetrated the hearts of all who held her. I had no doubt in my mind that her precious body would be healed no matter how malnourished and sick she was, I knew God would heal her, I just had no idea it would be by taking her to be with Him in Heaven. On April 15, 2013 a perfect 18 month old 12 lb. child named Ella Grace went to be with the Lord. She left this world, and left behind a mother, who loved her more than she could imagine. You see, I was not prepared to love her. I was 21 years old, ready to finish college, ready to get married, ready to move into the ‘real world,’ but the Lord had a different plan. He called me to Haiti to take care of Ella Grace, way before I even knew a girl named Ella Grace was alive.

    And now, if you have made it this far, you are probably wondering why I am sharing this story with you, a famous wedding dress designer. I had seen your work before and recognized it as art. I found a new appreciation for wedding gowns, and I was intrigued by your passion, and your desire for people to know why you do what you do. You have a great calling Claire, and beautiful and inspiring calling that draws in people from all over the world. Today as I saw your new collection that has been released, I stumbled upon this blog. Today has been a hard day as I have thought often of my little one, Ella Grace, and seeing this post has humbled me. It has reminded me that our God is so SOVEREIGN, and He is so good. He calls us to places we have no idea He is calling us to. And He gifts us with treasures we could not afford. My gift was/is Ella Grace. Clearly your gift was/is design, and I pray with all of my heart that our sweet King Jesus would shine His Light through your work. I pray that people will see your dresses and realize that one day our King is returning and we (His body, the church) will be His bride. We will be adorned with a wedding gown not created by human hands but by Divine, Perfect hands, and we will stand before Him made pure by the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ.

    Thank you Claire for your passion, your joy, and your willingness to abandon all the ‘rights’ to make sure you are following your heart, and the path the Lord has so clearly laid out for you.

    I praise Him alone for the gift He has created in you, I pray you worship Him alongside me,

    Lauren Elise Bond

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

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