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June 19th, 2012 – Comment

Chantilly gown shot by: Max Wegner Photogrpahy

Having celebrated Father’s Day with one of the best fathers on the planet (that would be my hubby Guy), and my own fabulous father paying us a visit from the East Coast this week, I guess the men in my life are on my mind. Without them, what would all this wedding fuss be about anyway?! I loved this quote recently posted by our friends at Little White Dress…so romantic…all he wants is you! And of course all you want is him too, so here’s a little attention for the grooms. Some seriously stylish ones here!

Photo by: Andrew Weeks

Madame Butterfly gown shot by Andrew Weeks     Clover Gown shot by Matt Miller

Krestene gown show by  Kristen Weaver            Madame Butterfly gown shot by Andrew Weeks

Queen Anne gown shot by Sarah Gawler           Lydia gown shot by Images by Bethany

In most weddings, so much of the focus is on the bride (as it should be, and our grooms wouldn’t have
it any other way!) but without your one-in-a-million-man, you wouldn’t need the gorgeous gown, the
cascading flowers or the perfect medley of sweet and savory…at the heart and soul of every wedding,
are the hearts and souls of two becoming one.

shared with us from bride Lisa Conrad Hare wearing Luna

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