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May 7th, 2012 – 6 Comments

We are back from NY in April, where we debuted the Fall 2012 collection. Many in the industry call it Spring 2013, but the dresses will arrive in stores late summer, so I’m not sure why anyone wants to rush
time even faster than it is already spinning!!! Anyway, right before market, we decide which gowns will be discontinued. We generally keep about 40-50 gowns in production at any given time, and since I design about 30 new dresses every year, that means something’s gotta give!

Sooo, the tough choices have been made, and the great news for you, is we are having a fabulous SAMPLE SALE at our Flagship salon May 18-19th!

There is an assortment of mainly bridal size 10’s and size 4’s to choose from, and you might just score a great deal on a one-of-a-kind that never went into production, or the dress you’ve been dreaming of!

Sample gowns are sold as-is, so you will probably need to have a tailor make some adjustments so everything is just-so, but with savings from 25% to 75% off, you’ll still be way ahead! If you are a last minute bride (and by our standards, that means your wedding is less than 4-5 months from now) you may now be realizing it takes months to order a wedding gown. A sample sale is the only way to purchase a Claire Pettibone gown “off the rack” so you summer brides could still be in luck!



If, by chance there is a discontinued gown that you love, but the sample won’t do, there are some cases
where we have limited fabric for a few lucky brides. In that case, the gown will be regular price, but if
you’ve been waiting to order, now is the time!

With many beautiful styles to choose from, come see if “the one” is here for you!


Claire Pettibone Sample Sale

May 18 – 19
10:00am – 6:00pm

Call to reserve a fitting room, walk-ins will be served first-come as fitting rooms are available.

236 South Robertson Boulevard
Beverly Hills, 90211

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  • Rhianna Barnewall

    I have tried to find your email address and this was all I could find so I hope you get this message. I have seen online that you are having a Flagship sale this week. I am wondering if the Yolanda dress is included in this sale and also wondering if I can purchace over the phone or internet. I am in Australia and and your beautiful dresses are not stocked here.
    My mobile number in Australia is 01161402365568 if you would like to contact me.
    Many Thanks,

  • Becky Morrison


    I have a very similar request to Rhianna as I am based in the UK but would love to know if the Kristene dress will be in the sale and if so wha size and price?


    • Rachael

      Hi there,

      Has there been a response to these questions?

      I would like to ask the same question – I’m in the UK and I was wondering whether it is possible to order via email or over the phone if you had a list of styles and sizes?



  • Nataliya

    Hello all! To answer some of your questions – only discontinued dresses are one sale, so if ou see the dress on our website, it means it’s still in production and will not me marked down. We are able to accept orders over the phone, however, due to the busy schedule of the sale weekend, we might not be able to get back to you until next week. Please give the store a call for more details!

  • Emily


    I read what Nataliya wrote above–about how to tell which dresses are being discontinued and are thus on sale–and so I went to the website to see if the “ooh la la” is still there. It is on some pages, but not on others. Does this mean it’s being discontinued? Please feel free to email me.

    Thank you,

  • Anita

    Beautiful dresses, all of them!

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