Real Brides: Amy in Queen Anne’s Lace

February 17th, 2012 – 1 Comment

From the bride:

“I saw Some of Claire Pettibone’s designs in various wedding magazines.  Her dresses were the only ones that felt like ‘me’. 

I loved the vintage ethereal vibe of her designs.  I tried on about 5 of her dresses, but Queen Anne’s Lace was definitely the one. I brought my older daughter Halyley {12} and my 3 ‘unofficial’ bridesmaids with me, who confirmed what I already knew – this was my dress.

Blackburn Bridal Couture was the only shop I went to for a fitting.  Once you find your dress, you know, and it would have been pointless to continue looking….”

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  • Somerset wedding gal

    I agree with it being pointless to continues looking once you’ve found your dress. I know some women who would say no, you have to keep the search going just in case you find something better – but it’s not worth it, you’ll always return to the one you first fell for.

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