Real Brides: Nicole Kramer in Kristene

February 28th, 2011 – 3 Comments

Here’s a peek at the joyful party (wedding!) of our gorgeous bride Nicole Kramer in New Orleans. How much fun are they having?! Makes me smile just looking at these beautiful photos, and we send the happy couple hugs and kick-up-your-heels dances for years to come.

Photography: Sandra O’Claire // Dress: Kristene // Salon: Kleinfeld

Our wedding was magical. It was the best day of our lives. Pure joy and happiness. We chose New Orleans, not only because it is my groom’s hometown, but because of it’s character and romance. We felt as if we were on a movie set in an old black and white musical comedy.

When I saw my Claire Pettibone dress I knew it was the one. I have never felt so beautiful. Everyone kept saying it was the most gorgeous dress they had ever seen! My husband couldn’t take his eyes off me! We chose to get married in a hidden courtyard and dance through the streets afterwords with a traditional second line.The dress complimented the style and unique romance of New Orleans perfectly!

The love on that day was overflowing. It truly was what dreams are made of! Thank you Claire Pettibone for making my dream dress!!!

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  • Suzanne

    Wow, my fiance and I are contemplating getting married in New Orleans and we’ve looked at probably 13 various photographers in that area but thanks to this post we looked at Sandra O’Claire and she would be our choice if we make New Orleans our decision.

    This is genuinely a great story pictorial and bride and groom are beautiful and so naturally captured in these photos. This is what I call photo-journalistic!


  • Gabrielle

    You two look so incredibly happy. Congrats! And you look so gorgeous. I’d love to know more about this secret courtyard! I’m planning a NOLA wedding next year and that sounds like the perfect plan 🙂

  • Nicole

    Thank you so much ladies! We had the most amazing day!!

    Suzanne- Sandra is the best photographer in the city! Her pictures and style are amazing and she is wonderful to work with. We could not have been happier! Your photographer is someone you are going to be with all day long (especially as the bride) so you want to make sure you love the person and Sandra was just so relaxed, sweet and comfortable.

    Gabrielle- Our courtyard is behind the Pharmacy museum on Chartres street. Check it out, it’s beautiful and reasonable.

    All the best to you girls on your big day!!


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