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December 8th, 2010 – 6 Comments

Juliet is from my very first bridal collection, and over the years has been one of our top selling gowns. Here’s a look back at just a few of our gorgeous brides and press as we say goodbye.

First, sweet and timeless love…Juliet was created with Shakespeare’s classic heroine in mind, although in my version, of course she and her Romeo live happily ever after!

Layers of blush silk, scalloped lace and delicate leaves and roses conspire to leave all of her admirers breathless.

Source: Real Bride, Polyvore

If Juliet is your dream gown, give our Flagship a call…there is a very limited amount of fabric left, so hurry before she takes her last breath!!!

Claire Pettibone Salon

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  • Debbie

    At the top of this page, the Juliet is featured. Next to the picture is a Modern Style dec/jan cover. Is that a magazine? Is the gown featured in there? Thanks & have a good week.

    • Claire

      Hi Debbie, That picture is from Elegant Bride Magazine (no longer in print) and it is a picture of the Juliet gown…one of my favorites!

  • sarah c.

    hi!! i absolutely adore your gowns! i purchased a sample juliet gown for my wedding in june & cannot wait to wear it! it’s beautiful! i just read that you discontinued this gown, also that you have a bit of fabric remaining… i was wondering if you ever sell the actual fabric. i don’t need much, like i said, i purchased this gown as a sample from a bridal salon in south carolina (i’m in maryland), i didn’t have the oppurtunity to try the gown on but had to have it!! the gown fits perfectly except for the shawl, it is pretty tight on my arms & i’m going to need to have it altered. i’m concerned that i won’t be able to find fabric that matches unless it is purchased from you. if there is any way that you would be able to help, it would be much appreciated! thank you for my dream wedding gown!!!
    sarah c.

    • Nora

      Hi Sarah,

      Please contact our bridal director Rosa, We should be able to help you with the fabric. Good luck!


  • Kait

    Hi Claire, I love your Juliet dress it certainly is my dream gown ! I knew after trying on so many dresses that as soon as this one was half way over my head it was “the one”.

    Im the bride who has purchased the dress from the White Closet in Manchester, UK. I am getting married in a rather large church which is more like a cathedral, so I wonderd if at all possible if theres any way of adding a train to the back of the dress as I think I such a large place will swamp me without it. I love your Juliet dress so much though I cant possibly wear another dress so I pray you can help ! It is my only wish !

    I know the bridal shop is contacting you but I wondered if you could suggest any ideas of how this could be possible?

    Thankyou for making my dream dress ! As your discontinuing it maybe mine will be the last one you are making ?


    • Nora

      Hi Kait,

      We have some fabulous ideas! Rosa our bridal director will contact you shortly regarding the train.


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