Musings: Let’s Get the Valentine’s Party Started

February 11th, 2010 – Comment

“Romantic” is a word that comes up often here at the office.

At most companies, that would be a no-no, but as a designer of bridal gowns, veils, and lingerie, I fortunately get a free pass. (phew!) So while I am happily dedicated year-round to all things romantic – developing prints inspired by love birds, poetry, and love letters –

"I Do" love birds print on the Butterflies by Claire Pettibone fashion lingerie

and thumbing through European laces and the most beautiful textiles, for example…

Claire eyeing laces

Claire eyeing laces

Valentine’s Day holds special appeal. It is the one official day to celebrate love, in all its forms, with your spouse, children, family and friends. I even feel a little love for that newly married couple featured in the New York Times Weddings section.

As a woman who has been lucky enough to find her true love (and even work with him!) I only hope that Valentine’s Day brings more love into everyone’s life.

So isn’t it time to get the Valentine Party started? You can “go big” with a Shakespearean Sonnet

Shakespeare's Sonnets

or take a good aim with a bow and arrow,

but simple is good too. Just tell someone you love them. And if you want to show them, well, I think I have just the thing for you to wear!

Of course, if you prefer candy, voila!

Happy Valentine’s Day,



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