Musings: Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot

February 2nd, 2010 – Comment

Soon after the New York bridal market, our creative team got together in our favorite studio to shoot the 2010 Cherry Blossom campaign. I brought my handy camera to take a few snaps of the magic that goes on behind the scenes.

gownI love the details of each gown and how they look lined up next to each other.

Our lovely make-up artist, Kristen, created the Cherry Blossom look.

set4Getting inspiration from the mood board before going on set

set5We all had to wear these blue plastic wraps on set so we don’t dirty the floor.

set6straightening out the dress

set2The man behind the lens, Guy Toley who is married to Claire Pettibone shot our 2010 campaign.

setAdjusting the direction of light

monitorThis was where I stood most of the time, checking to see if the shots came out clear and beautiful
with the right composition.

swayOur talented model, Margarita gave life to this gorgeous dress, Petals in the Wind
Love how the iridescent sequins on this dress sparkles and shines as she moves.

dressIn character as Madame Butterfly, the last dress we shot for the day.
We decided that Madame Butterfly should have a classic portrait.

Click below to see the final selections of our 2010 campaign:

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