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May 7th, 2009 – 5 Comments

I love meeting clients and hearing from women around the world. It is so inspiring to know that my work brings joy and beauty, and a touch of romance to this sometimes overwhelming world. This blog is a chance to express my thoughts and keep you up to date on things we are working on, and share some of the beautiful people and events we have been fortunate to be involved with.

From bridal gowns to lingerie, my focus has always been on creating a magical and utterly feminine experience through clothing. Of course there is a fabulous group of people who work with me to make all of this happen, most importantly, my husband and partner of 14 years, Guy Toley. I am such a lucky girl to have found love and the perfect business partner all in one man!

To the brides who are wearing one of my gowns, I wish you all the joy, patience and growth that I have experienced in my own marriage, and to those single girls…a little lingerie never hurts!!!

Please enjoy, and check back often for my latest musings…


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